How to Refill Electronic Cigarette With e-liquid

A lot of e-cigarette companies consider the Cartomizers disposable. That’s why the people just use the cartomizers for once and throw them away. Why do you want to follow them even when you are using a good cartomizer? You can refill the e-liquid in it to save money. As you know many people use expensive cartomizers; they can refill e-liquid in it tens of times before throwing into the bin. I personally ordered electronic cigarettes from and refilled them with e-liquid and they work just like brand new ones. Here is how to refill your E-cigarette with e-liquid.

Precaution: As you know the cartridge is attached to the battery. You should unscrew to depart it. If you try to refill it while both of the parts are still attached, it may start leaking, and that can damage the batteries. So, it’s better for you to detach both of the parts and then refill the e-liquid. The method I am going to use is called the dripping method. The users of blank cartomizers (Smoketek, etc.) would find it easier enough to follow. Let’s move to the instructions below.

  • The e-cigarette companies glue the upper part of the cartomizer to avoid any leakage of the e-liquid. So, you need to apply more power to open the tight cap of the cartomizer. If your cartomizer has a small plastic ring around the filler, you need to unscrew the cap and then take that ring out.
  • Now you will see the inner part of the tank where you have to fill the e-liquid. It is a narrow pipe where you need to drip the liquid drop by drop.
  • Before you start dripping the liquid, you need to check the whole surface of the tank. If you see any brown marks around the wick, it shows the wick is burnt. It will give you a nasty taste in spite of using an expensive and fresh juice. If the wick is burnt, you need to throw the cartomizer and get a new one. Otherwise go ahead.
  • Now you will see a small narrow pipe and plane surface around it. You do not need to drop the juice into the pipe. Instead, you should drop the liquid on the plain surface.
  • Now wait for a moment and then start dripping the liquid again. You will see the dripped juice is absorbed into the surface. Fill the liquid in the tank slowly. Make sure that after dropping 6 to 7 drops you wait for a while. In an average cartomizer, you can add 25 to30 drops of the juice.
  • When it is over, just place the cap again and screw it tightly on the battery. It is ready for reuse now. Enjoy to vape once again.

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