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Top 5 Best Discord Bots to Customize Your Server

Discord is the most popular platform of chatting among the gamers and other peoples, it was mainly developed for gamers and has been adopted by many gaming communities worldwide. Discord servers are already highly customizable but the best thing is this you can add BOTS to it to enhance the functionality of the server. Discord bots will help you to manage your server efficiently. You can add fun features and entertainment to your server and, here we have the top 5 best discord bots to customize your server for moderation, gaming, and music.

Top 5 Best Discord Bots to Customize Your Server

It’s impossible to test every discord bot and decide which is the best discord bot for everyone. So, below given are the top five best discord bots for moderation, gamers, and music. A single bot may not be able to give you the feature of moderation, gaming, and music on the same time but yeah there are some multipurpose bots available that you can use or you can use more than one discord bots to enhance your server’s capabilities.

GAwsome Bot:

GAwsome is one of the top best discord bots to enhance your server. This bot is very easy to use and highly customizable and allows multipurpose functionality. GAwsome bot is great for the moderation of the chats as well as gaming and allows a lot of features to increase the activity on your server. G Awesome Bot can kick members temporarily and even can ban members permanently. GAwsome offers given bellow main features and a lot more.

  • · You can get the search results from Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and even Reddit.
  • · You can create your own in a chat RSS feed with GAwsome bot.
  • · You can add memes and create gifs for a fun factor.
  • · You can create polls and organize giveaways with this bot.

Dyno bot:

Mostly when people set up their discord server, they are more likely to use dyno bot on the first priority. Dyno bot is another useful discord bot for moderation, gaming, and music. This bot is rich in features, this bot when installs on your discord server it enhances the capabilities of your server. Dyno bot is updated to detect rapid spams and mass- mention in the chats of your community, that’s why dyno bot is considered as one of the top 5 best discord bots. Features of the Dyno bot are given bellow.

  • · It gives you total control on its features with its dedicated dashboard and auto-moderation along with the mod log.
  • · It also allows you the timed mute and bans.
  • · It allows you to air the custom announcements, especially when someone leaves, joins or banned from the server.
  • · You can assign roles to the user and post AFK status on your behalf and also used to post overwatch stats.
  • · You can get results from google and most importantly you can stream videos and music from YouTube using this discord bot
  • · It allows you to enable or disable the commands, module, and settings of each module.


This discord bot is a highly capable and one of the best discord bots to enhance your server. Tatsumaki discord bot is been used by many online gamers as well as streamers. This bot allows you a ton of commands for moderation, pushing notifications and some other great features. That’s why this is also a one o the best discord bot for moderation and gaming. Given below are some of the basic feature of this bot in a discord server.

  • · Best feature of this bot is that it allows users on the server to earn more XP and levels, which force users to stay online on the server and increase activity.
  • · This bot is not only limited to discord but also feature a dedicated dashboard for better control.
  • · This bot enables you to set a welcome message for people who joins your community.
  • · You can make google search from this bot and also can stay updated with the RSS feed.
  • · Your standing in a Discord server is shown in the form of a visual card, You can use real money to customize the appearance of your cards.
  • · This discord bot also enables a currency converter, so you will not have any issue while paying for an upgrade on discord bot.


Mee6 is considered as a very handy discord bot among others, so this is also one of the top 5 best discord bots. Mee6 is very useful and efficient in engaging the users to a relevant topic. Mee6 discord bot will help you in moderation of your discord server. This bot is one of the best bots that enter the discord server for a long time. So, this discord bot has millions of users. This bot has a great interface which makes it the best discord bots that helps to make changes with the commands. Features that this efficient discord bot provides you are given bellow.

  • · You can give rewards and create a level ranking of different users with this bot, which is best to keep them interested.
  • · You can set auto action with this bot to stop spam, ads, use of abundant emojis and swearing.
  • · With mee6 bot, you can create a welcome message for every new member.
  • · Mee6 Discord bot sends alerts from twitch, YouTube, Reddit to notify you about new updates.


Rhythm is another one of the top five best discord bots. This bot is mainly used for music and entertainment to keep yourself and other users interested. This is considered as a 24/7 discord bot. It allows you to listen to good music with great and high quality. This discord bot can enhance your server. Features of this discord bot are given bellow.

  • · It allows you to listen to good music with the best quality at the same time from not only one but many different sources.
  • · This bot allows you an autoplay feature and it also allows lyrics for best music experience.
  • · This bot is free of cost and keep updating time to time.
  • · This bot supports different sources to play music on rhythm for example from YouTube, SoundCloud, twitch, etc.

Above are the top 5 best discord bots for moderation, gaming, and music. You can choose any one of them or more than one depending upon your need. For more informative content visit our website. here is much more to read about. We have added some Top-level games as well. If you liked this article then do share it with your friends and family. If you want anything then write to us in the comment section. you can also give us recommendations. we always appreciate your concerns. Stay tuned and stay connected with us. Thank you for your time.

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Top Five Free cPanel Hosting Platforms – Review & Details

If you have a website on WordPress, cPanels can be very advantageous for you as it allows the SSL certificates, emailing account, and the installation and they don’t even cost that much. If you need the cPanel hosting but your budget isn’t allowing you, you have to come to the right place. We are saying this because we have added Top Five Free cPanel Hosting Platforms – Review & Details in this article.

When we are talking about the web development, web hosting plays an integral part because it is the all doer of the website. Without the right hosting, the website will not yield optimal results. The first introduction to the web hosting is pretty difficult and can drain the person and his energy. To resolve that issue, the majority of the website owners use the control panel hosting also known as cPanel hosting which alleviates that frustration and eases up the web hosting and website owning processes. With the cPanels, users are able to outline the graphical illustration of the complicated website procedures and that too without needing to use the command line.

Top Free cPanel Hosting Platforms

There are some cases where free cPanel hosting caused the issues like breaching of the data, improper security, absence or lack of support, and the unreliable service. However, we understand the importance of everything a website has to go through and through our research; we have outlined only the best platforms which have no such issues. So, let’s get to it!


This hosting service is the subsidiary of the SingleHop which has been incorporated the advanced level hardware which ensures the effective and promising cloud hosting. This platform has been giving out free cPanel hosting services for more than 12 years now and there are hardly any complaints. With x0Hosting, users are given the unlimited disk space, full lamp stack, and the data transfer. The LAMP stack has been compiled with the solid drives which work as a perfect option for PHP, Apache, Linux, and the MySQL.

  • It offers unlimited storage and the bandwidth
  • Users are allowed to add two add-on domains along with one subdomain
  • Users are allowed to incorporate up to three email accounts
  • The cloud servers are SSD powered which ensure the website building, PHP, MySQL, and the one-click installation scripts

The name is pretty self-explanatory and it is one of the most used cPanel hostings which is available for free. This platform as over 15,000 customers and the daily visiting number exceeds 9 million, the number are pretty huge. Other than the free cPanel hosting, they offer paid version as well for the users with elaborated and more functional needs. It is headquartered in Germany and France. The best thing about this platform is that when the paid version is acquired, it allows the one-time payment for the users who do not want to pay again and again and get free add-ons. The add-ons include the data center support, subdomains, SSL Certificates, mailboxes, databases, and much more.

  • It gives 10GB disk space to the users whereas the bandwidth is unlimited
  • Users are allowed to handle one subdomain and one email account
  • The additional features include over 70 templates with unlimited FTP accounts
  • Users have been enabled to use PHP 7, MySQL, and over 400 one-click installation scripts


GigaRocket is the perfect option for the small businesses to start off with their website. It is mostly used by the students who are in the learning phase of web designing and web development. However, to gain reach to free cPanel hosting, users need to contribute only the high-quality content which acts as a contribution to the company forum. In return for the high-quality content, users are provided with performance0driven hosting environments with Apache Web servers, NGINX, Intel Xeon Processors, and an efficient content delivery network. The community sector of the GigaRocket is very active and efficient which ensures the up to the mark performance support but users need to be careful about the POP3 email accounts rather than the IMAP.

  • This platform provides 5 GB of the disk space and 50 GB of the bandwidth
  • Users are allowed one subdomain and no domain
  • Users are allowed to inculcate 25 POP3 email addresses
  • Users are provided with the free add-ons such Softaculous script installer, DDoS protection, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, Cloudflare content delivery network, CloudLinux, NGINX, PHP 7, and MySQL


This platform is a rather ne option in the market but within a short span of time, it has managed to grab 300,000 users for the free and unlimited cPanel hosting service. With this platform, users will have to register their subdomain with them. However, the user will still be able to direct the website traffic to their main domain which will work even if the domain is registered somewhere else. The uptime provided by the InfinityFree is 99.9% and has been named as the leader of the free cPanel hosting realm. This service is a subsidiary of iFastNet and it is ensured that there are no annoying and irritating ads.

  • This cPanel hosting provides unlimited storage as well as unlimited bandwidth
  • Users are allowed one subdomain at a moment
  • Users can add up to 10 email addresses
  • The free add-ons such as SSL certificate, Cloudflare content delivery network, DNS service, PHP, and MySQL are provided to the users


This platform was launched in 202 aimed at providing more accessible domain registering and web hosting to the people who cannot afford the paid cPanel hosting. In a matter of few years, GoogieHost has bagged over 100,000 users. When the company was first launched, the price for the cPanel hosting was set to $1 but later on, it transformed into a completely free service with its servers operating in New Zealand, UK, and the USA. It offers completely personalized control panel hosting for the people with varying needs. The uptime offered by GoogieHost is 99.95% along with the high-quality email and chat support.

  • It allows unlimited bandwidth and 1 GB of disk space
  • It allows the users to have free email accounts in addition to unlimited subdomains
  • Users are given SSD-powered cloud servers, website builder, 300+ one-click installation scripts, SSH access, hotlink and spam protection, PHP, and MySQL as the free add-ons

This was all about Top Five Free cPanel Hosting Platforms – Review & Details and we hope that you found the perfect cPanel hosting for your website. For more information, reach out to us in the comment section and our team shall get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Top Three Methods To Register A Domain Name For Free

Today, the world is going global and all the credits got to the internet and the increasing number of internet users all around the world. This has also impacted the business industry in a positive manner as they have expanded their business on international levels while ensuring the business success.

So, it is safe to say that having a business website is not only beneficial but has become a vital part as well. If you are new at creating a business website for yourself and don’t know anything about buying the domains, you have come to the right place. We are saying this because we have added Top Three Methods To Register The Domain Name For Free in this article to help you out.

However, before we start off with the methods, let’s see why having a business domain name is important;

  • Your website comes after the URL which means that your URL should be impressive enough because it can create a lasting impression on the visitors
  • If you add the right keywords in your domain name, it can improve the SEO ranking o your business website improving its visibility
  • It helps businesses make their brand identified

As you now know the importance of the domain name, let’s get on to methods for acquiring a domain name for free!

How To Register The Domain Name With Method 1

In this section, we have added the step-by-step guide to get a free domain name using the, have a look!

In the first step, go to the and type in the chosen domain name

If the added domain name is available, it will be automatically added to the shopping cart

The domain privacy option will appear which costs around $8.99 on the annual basis and you can uncheck the privacy if you don’t want it

Now, choose the subscription periods and once you have selected, click on the continue button

This is all, you have just bought a domain for yourself without any hassle!

 How To Register The Domain Name With HostGator & BlueHost Method 2

It is essential to get the domain and web hosting together to make one effective and efficient website. This is beneficial because, at the end of the day, it will help you save a lot of efforts and money. If you buy the web hosting, HostGator and BlueHost offer free domain hosting, so let’s see the details;

  • On BlueHost, the website hosting costs $2.75 per month and domain hosting comes for free
  • On HostGator, the website hosting costs $2.99 per month whereas the domain hosting costs $12.95 per month

How To Register The Domain Name With GoDaddy Method 3

In this section, we have explained the guide to register the domain using the GoDaddy domain providers, so, have a look and help your website gain recognition!

In the first step, go to the and type the desired domain name

When the domain name pops up, select on the “Continue to Cart” button to buy the domain

You can check the box given the screenshot if you need the domain privacy and if you don’t want it, click on the “No, Thanks” and it will proceed further

Now, choose the desired term and proceed for the checkout option

This is all; you have successfully bought a domain name. This was all about Top Three Methods To Register The Domain Name For Free and we hope that you got to get your hands on the domain. If you need further guidance, reach out to us in the comment section below and we shall be here to help. Thank you!