Five Type of Headphones you can Buy in 2017

What are the best headphones you can buy in 2017? It would be very easy to spend a lot of money and choose the 10 best and most expensive, but we have selected headphones for all tastes and all types like the best of 2017. We have them from less than 20 euros to 1000 euros, So there is a wide range to choose from.

It will not be an easy task to buy the best headphones, especially if you do not know what type you are interested in buying. Here you have a short summary with the main advantages and disadvantages when buying one or the other.

1.-In-ear Earphones

In-ear Earphones

These are the typical headphones that we will find when we buy a smartphone or tablet and we usually discard for higher quality. Its tiny earphones are inserted into the ear canal, and some models include clips for a more secure fit.

Pros: ultra-compact and lightweight; Most models have controls for the microphone and navigation between songs on the cable; Can provide good isolation from external noise and do not interfere with slopes, glasses, etc … Some already have noise cancellation as the Bose QuietComfort 20, Pingzic also have best collection of earbuds under $50 you should check it out. They are usually cheaper and are used for sports.

Cons: Sound quality and bass response are often not comparable to larger models and we cover the ear completely; Some models may not fit very well depending on the pads we use.

2.-On-ear headphones (supra-aural)

On-ear headphones (supra-aural)

These headphones cover the ear but do not “enclose” the ear completely like circumaural models that provide greater sound insulation. They are preferred in the office environment as they let out some outside sound.

Pros: Comfortable; Less likely to overheat our ears than over-ear headphones; Some models are folded to facilitate transport. They are also cheap.

Cons: noise insulation is less effective than full-size models. With less powerful bass compared to over-ear headphones. They let the sound escape.

3.-Over-ear headphones (circumaurales)

Over-ear headphones (circumaurales)

This category includes any type of headset that completely encloses the ears. Due to their size and sound insulation, over-ear headphones are often best suited for use in the home, but noise-canceling Beats headphones have changed this paradigm and now everyone carries them everywhere.

Pros: Large headphones that offer excellent bass and volume levels; With surround sound that effectively blocks outside noise. They provide the best sound. Perfect for gaming if they have a microphone.

Cons: They can be very handsome to carry with you always; Can cause heat in the ears; Interfere with earrings, glasses etc … They tend to be more expensive.

4.-Wireless Headphones (RF – bluetooth)

Wireless Headphones (RF - bluetooth)

Wireless headphones are most often used at home or carried with us when we do not want to be disturbed by cables. The most popular format for transmitting music wirelessly is Bluetooth, but keep in mind that we are going to sacrifice some quality sound. Some of the new headphones support aptX Bluetooth which offers better sound quality.

Pros: no cables with which to get tangled; These last years have gone down in price and are more affordable. They are very comfortable and usually have a good design. Perfect for smartphones.

Cons: In many models when the battery is finished it is stopped listening the music (others have auxiliary cable); The sound quality is somewhat lower.

5.-Headphones with noise cancellation

Headphones with noise cancellation

These headphones prevent external noise from disturbing us while listening to music. Noise-canceling headphones are often over-eared, although there are already in-ear headphones. This type of headphones allow you to listen to music at lower levels, it reduces ear fatigue. You will also hear more details of your music.

Pros: Active noise cancellation technology eliminates ambient noise; Ideal for trips by airplanes or public transport to work.

Cons: They are usually somewhat more expensive. They alter the sound.

It is clear that they are not suitable for all budgets, considering that it costs a little less than 1000 euros. They are premium headphones with which you will need a Hi-Fi audio source to really appreciate their great sound quality. And you probably need a good amp and a good sound source in WAV format. Its sound is bright, has a lot of detail and all frequencies are well balanced. When you have heard its sound in all its splendor you will realize where your money really has gone. They are really comfortable and made from another planet, including their Kevlar cable. The only drawback that can be put is that their design may not appeal to everyone.

Important Things to Know About Windows Black

Have you ever heard about Windows Black? Surprised to hear? Of course you should be. Let me bring you out of this shocking state by explaining about Windows Black. A pirated version of Windows XP was released as XP Black. It was not an official version of Windows by Microsoft. It appeared after the release of Windows XP. Let me explain some important facts about Windows Black so that you also get familiar with it.

  • It is a pirated edition of Windows XP.
  • The name “Black” was given to it because its desktop theme is very dark and since it is an illegal version, it was called “Windows Black” in online forums and sites.
  • You will not find any standard version of this pirated Windows. The programs you will find in this release are too costly if you buy them legally. Since you use Windows Black, you do not need to spend money to buy them.
  • It provides you with different latest versions of web browsers, applications, management software and the security apps as well.
  • You face an ironic situation when you get Windows Black with so many malware as well as the security apps at the same time because it is a hard nut to crack to get Windows Black without dangerous virus and Trojans. When you click the “key generator” to generate the key for this black version of Windows, there might be a Trojan behind the key generator, and thus, your system security will be at high risk due to it.
  • When you want to install Windows Black, you do not need to provide a serial number. The only message appears on your system time and again is to get a genuine copy of the Windows. Well! That makes no difference if you are crazy to use the Black version of Windows. It becomes a minor issue then. But some users may not receive this message because only the earlier versions of Black were noticed by WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage). The later versions of Black do not show this message.
  • The programs run smooth on it, but when you try to download anything from a website, your system becomes an open machine, and there is no secrecy in it. That can invite virus and malware to attack your system and thus, it can create a perpetual alarming situation for you.
  • Well! If you are inspired by the black theme of Windows Black, you should try Royale Noir that is a legal black theme for Windows desktop and will give your desktop the same touch as Windows Black gives. It was launched by Microsoft in 2005 on its New Zealand website. At least your system will be secure from harmful virus and malware.

[Reasons] Why Am I So Sore After Sitting in a Massage Chair?

When you hear about Massage chair the word “comfort” or “relax” splashes in your mind. Because it is the symbol of relaxed and soothed body. What if you feel so sore after sitting in a massage chair for the very first time? If you try to have another sitting session, the soreness still continues. Well! It is a usual problem the people complain after using the massage chair for their first sitting session.

It is not an unusual thing that happens to you. If I talk about your bones, muscles and massage chair function, it will be a bit scientific, and an ordinary reader will not get the bottom line I want to draw. Sometimes there are issues with low quality massage chairs and one must choose a best quality massage chair before having a massage, I’d recommend MassageTut to get honest reviews of best massage chair you should check them before buying one.  That’s why I would use simple language to make you understand the reason well.

Let’s take an example from our daily routine. When you are not used to taking exercise on a regular basis, and one day you make a plan to go for a walk or to take exercise. What happens when you return from a walk or exercise? You feel some stiffness in the body parts especially in your legs if you have walked a long distance. How do you feel when you play table tennis or squash for the first time after a long break? Apparently, you feel soreness in the body. Same happens with you when you sit in the massage chair for the very first time.

Now I will explain the resemblance on a deeper level. Actually, your muscles keep sleeping or keep taking rest on regular days. When you awake them up by taking exercise or sitting in a massage chair, they are not used to this routine, and it goes against their habit. They do not want to be disturbed. The joints also have the same feeling, and they do not want you to disturb their peaceful sleep. When you work on the farm for a few hours after a long time or play some games like bowling or golf, you feel soreness. It does not go away when you take the next session of massage. It may continue for 4 to 6 sitting sessions.

So, if it happens to you and you have soreness, you should not stop taking massage sessions. You should keep using the chair. In a few sessions, the spinal will be used to of having the massage sessions and it will reshape itself according to your new routine. The soreness vanishes within a few days. After having a few sessions of sitting in Massage chair, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. You will experience not only a healthy body but a peaceful mind too. It will add more days to your life.

If the pain releases within a week, it is ok. If it still continues and does not go away even by using the massage chair continuously, you need to consult your doctor because it may be due to another cause. Minor soreness of any muscle is due to inflammation, but a constant pinching or sore feeling is due to some serious cause.

How to Save Money with the Help of Technology?

With the advancement in technology, there came into being loads of ways you can use to trim the expenses. There are so many cellular phone accessories to benefit you to cut costs for text messages, for vouchers, money management apps, travel guide and even the cost of buying the movie tickets in the theater. I have brought some very useful and cost trimming apps to provide you with the best ways to save money by using these apps. Let’s go through the list.

VoIP Service: (Skype, Google Voice, Rebtel)

Some very frequent VoIP services are Google Voice, Skype and Rebtel. You can use these services to call anywhere around the world by using your network services. It allows you to be in touch with your official and personal contacts anytime from anywhere around the world. No hidden fee or charges are to be paid. Just download the app to your phone, and that’s all.

Textfree Apps (WhatsApp, Viber, IMO)

Go to the virtual world for sending and receiving text messages, photos and video clips of your memorable moments. Share as many pictures as you like, and the cost will be the same. It will trim your cost of SMS and MMS by using the SIM-only.

Online Shopping [Gadgets, Accessories and other stuff)

This one is not new to everyone, Online shopping websites like Amazon, eBay and others allowed people to buy almost everything Online and collecting them on their doorstep. There are decent discounts of most of the products by these Online stores, but sometimes buyers aren’t happy with them because of product’s quality or pricing issues, let me put my personal experience here, I ordered headphones for my iPhone 6s from Amazon but they were highly priced and also defective, I claimed refund and then order Cellular Barn Online store, I must say that it’s one of the best cellular phone accessories store to buy quality accessories in affordable price.

Online File Saving Apps (DropBox, iCloud)

Keep your important documents and critical files online that make you comfortable and you do not waste your money on the retrieval of the lost data. It allows you to keep your data safe and secure and thus, enables you to access it anytime from anywhere around the globe.

Camera Apps (Magic Cam, Candy Cam)

Why are you saving money for a DSLR camera? You do not need to buy it now. There are so many apps you can use for photography with DSLR cam effects. You would be able to capture your desired locations just like a professional photographer.

Learning Apps for Kids (Fruits, ABC Games, Words for Kids)

Kids are the quick learner, and you can make them familiar with the technology if they are learning the basics such as fruits, alphabets, numbers and vocabulary by using the technology. It trims the cost of buying different books for your kids. Once he learns, just delete the app and install another app with new vocabulary to make him familiar with that without paying any charges.

Learning Apps for Grown Ups (IELTS, English Learning Apps, Dictionaries)

Being a student, a businessman and a housewife, you need to be home in your native language. So, you can download virtual dictionaries to improve your vocabulary rather than purchasing costly dictionaries from the market. Just prepare for an IELTS exam by using the online websites instead of hiring the services of a reputed teacher.

Online Theatres (Netflix, IMDb Movies & TV, Dailymotion, YouTube)

You can watch your favorite movies online. It does not require to go to the theater and to buy the movie ticket. Just go to the virtual theaters and watch your desired movies.

Market your Products (Email, Online Campaigns, and Social Networking Apps)

You can sell your company’s products by using email and other online campaigns. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Constant Contact and this kind of other virtual marketing platforms to market your products successfully. Cut the marketing costs to a greater extent and promote the products in your desired way.

How to Logout of Netflix on Windows 8

Netflix is a widely used entertainment site where you can watch your favorite movies. In Windows 7, you can visit its official website to watch movies, but Windows 8 users are at an advantage. While using Windows 8, you can get its app in your “Start” apps and can directly access the movies by using it, and you do not need to visit its site every time you want to watch any film. You can watch all of the movies free, but you have to pay only small charges for a subscription.

If you are using your personal computer, you do not need to use the logout option for this app because you do not need to provide your email ID and password the next time you visit Netflix. But some users of Windows have shared computers, and they can’t be carefree in this context. They want to log out of Netflix to maintain the privacy as they won’t like someone to access your Netflix account.

Some users of Windows 8 feel themselves all at sea when they want to sign out of the Netflix and they don’t know how to do it. It is not an uphill task if you are visiting its’ official website. Since the users of Windows 8 have Netflix app, it becomes chaotic situation for them to log out from this app. Here is a complete guide on how to log out of your Netflix account and it is for the users of Windows 8.

Video Guide

Steps to Follow

  • While the Netflix app is opened on the screen, you should press the combination of “Windows” + “C” keys on your keyboard. It will show you the “Charms bar.” You can also open Charms bar by moving the cursor of your mouse to the bottom right corner of the window. Hover your mouse cursor there until the bar appears.
  • Now you need to select “Settings” from the list.
  • Here, you need to look for the option “Sign Out.”
  • As soon you click this option, a confirmation message appears on the screen. You need to give your consent by clicking “Yes” and that’s all. You are logged out of the Netflix account now.
  • Now confirm whether you have logged out of your account or not. Go to the “Start” apps and click “Netflix” app here. You will see it will ask for your email ID and password. It shows that you have signed out of the app successfully.

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How to Play Runescape Game on Android

Runescape is one of the most attractive games for PC users. It is basically a 2D Java MMORPG where you perform a variety of tasks. You fight the monsters, you do fishing, mining and fight combats with other players. You also play woodcutting activity in the game. Unlike the other games, you do not find monotony in it, and this feature of the game makes it worth playing time and again. That’s the reason the users want to get this game on their Android devices to use as the best time-killing activity, and they do not find a way. Well! It is not an uphill task. You do not require rooting your Android phone. I am going to discuss a couple of tools to help you in playing this game to your Android device.

GNURoot RuneScape

You can get this tool on Google Play. It works very well to fulfill your desire of playing Runescape on Android phone. There are no hard and fast rules to download and run this app, but you should mind one thing that the game you want to play on your Android device needs a lot of space. If your internal storage is small, it will not open because you are going to run two very powerful apps including the game and the GNURoot software at the same time. So, check the internal space and free up as much space as you can to run it smoothly.

Download it here.

  • When you install this tool, you need to tap on its icon to launch it.
  • Here, you will see an option “Install/Reinstall.” Tap this option to proceed further.
  • Now select “Install X Support” that is important to run every graphical app, and since you are going to play a compelling game, it needs to install.
  • When you enter “GNURoot Runescape Installer”, you need to tap the option “Install/Update” to install the basic packages and Linux client for this game.
  • In the same installer, there will be another option “Signup for Runescape.” You need to select this option to create your account for this game. It will be either a free or paid account. The choice is yours.
  • Now select the option “Launch Runescape.”
  • Now close the app’s window and return to the game that has been launched.

(If you want to avoid installing an active Debian rootFS, relevant packages and Linux Runescape client, you should install “Hacker’s keyboard” that will lessen your burden of fixing all of the above-discussed tools).

Video Tutorial

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