Five Type of Headphones you can Buy in 2017

What are the best headphones you can buy in 2017? It would be very easy to spend a lot of money and choose the 10 best and most expensive, but we have selected headphones for all tastes and all types like the best of 2017. We have them from less than 20 euros to 1000 euros, So there is a wide range to choose from.

It will not be an easy task to buy the best headphones, especially if you do not know what type you are interested in buying. Here you have a short summary with the main advantages and disadvantages when buying one or the other.

1.-In-ear Earphones

In-ear Earphones

These are the typical headphones that we will find when we buy a smartphone or tablet and we usually discard for higher quality. Its tiny earphones are inserted into the ear canal, and some models include clips for a more secure fit.

Pros: ultra-compact and lightweight; Most models have controls for the microphone and navigation between songs on the cable; Can provide good isolation from external noise and do not interfere with slopes, glasses, etc … Some already have noise cancellation as the Bose QuietComfort 20, Pingzic also have best collection of earbuds under $50 you should check it out. They are usually cheaper and are used for sports.

Cons: Sound quality and bass response are often not comparable to larger models and we cover the ear completely; Some models may not fit very well depending on the pads we use.

2.-On-ear headphones (supra-aural)

On-ear headphones (supra-aural)

These headphones cover the ear but do not “enclose” the ear completely like circumaural models that provide greater sound insulation. They are preferred in the office environment as they let out some outside sound.

Pros: Comfortable; Less likely to overheat our ears than over-ear headphones; Some models are folded to facilitate transport. They are also cheap.

Cons: noise insulation is less effective than full-size models. With less powerful bass compared to over-ear headphones. They let the sound escape.

3.-Over-ear headphones (circumaurales)

Over-ear headphones (circumaurales)

This category includes any type of headset that completely encloses the ears. Due to their size and sound insulation, over-ear headphones are often best suited for use in the home, but noise-canceling Beats headphones have changed this paradigm and now everyone carries them everywhere.

Pros: Large headphones that offer excellent bass and volume levels; With surround sound that effectively blocks outside noise. They provide the best sound. Perfect for gaming if they have a microphone.

Cons: They can be very handsome to carry with you always; Can cause heat in the ears; Interfere with earrings, glasses etc … They tend to be more expensive.

4.-Wireless Headphones (RF – bluetooth)

Wireless Headphones (RF - bluetooth)

Wireless headphones are most often used at home or carried with us when we do not want to be disturbed by cables. The most popular format for transmitting music wirelessly is Bluetooth, but keep in mind that we are going to sacrifice some quality sound. Some of the new headphones support aptX Bluetooth which offers better sound quality.

Pros: no cables with which to get tangled; These last years have gone down in price and are more affordable. They are very comfortable and usually have a good design. Perfect for smartphones.

Cons: In many models when the battery is finished it is stopped listening the music (others have auxiliary cable); The sound quality is somewhat lower.

5.-Headphones with noise cancellation

Headphones with noise cancellation

These headphones prevent external noise from disturbing us while listening to music. Noise-canceling headphones are often over-eared, although there are already in-ear headphones. This type of headphones allow you to listen to music at lower levels, it reduces ear fatigue. You will also hear more details of your music.

Pros: Active noise cancellation technology eliminates ambient noise; Ideal for trips by airplanes or public transport to work.

Cons: They are usually somewhat more expensive. They alter the sound.

It is clear that they are not suitable for all budgets, considering that it costs a little less than 1000 euros. They are premium headphones with which you will need a Hi-Fi audio source to really appreciate their great sound quality. And you probably need a good amp and a good sound source in WAV format. Its sound is bright, has a lot of detail and all frequencies are well balanced. When you have heard its sound in all its splendor you will realize where your money really has gone. They are really comfortable and made from another planet, including their Kevlar cable. The only drawback that can be put is that their design may not appeal to everyone.

Sonos PlayBase: How these Speakers for TV are Unique in Market?

Sonos, the world famous producer high fidelity sound systems, is preparing to release a brand new speaker in the following months. This leaking new speaker seems to attract attention with its stylish design.

When we look at Soundbar’s design, it seems that the top is reserved for the installation of the television. Thus, it is said that a better sound experience will be obtained from TVs. However, it seems to be a remote possibility that this device only improves the sound of the TV when it is a matter of Sonos. Sonos, with its wireless-connected speakers, and music lovers with its advanced mobile application, is expected to offer similar features.

SonosPlayBase is only leaked in general terms of design, so we can not really say much about its technical features. The back of the device has an ethernet port and an optical port. There is only one key on the front speaker grill. The presence of only one key makes it possible to use the touch control interface somewhere in the speaker. But there is not any indication in the visuals that such control is taking place. SonosPlayBase is expected to be available in March after the B & H branded retail site posted its page first and then quickly removed. Sonos is expected to introduce the device in full details soon.


Five Type of Headphones you can Buy in 2017

Update; Playbase is officially announced by Sonos in the past days, it will have a price tag of 700 dollars and sit under your TV. We can easily say that it’s the flat version of Playbar.

You can read the full Playbase review here.

Games like Zelda for Android in 2017

Zelda is not a new name for the game lovers who are crazy about action and adventure video games. It is a blend of action, puzzle solving and adventurous travelling in the State of Hyrule where you have to assume the role of the protagonist to save Princess Zelda. The whole journey is full of a variety of adventures and thrill. That’s why the players look for more games like Zelda. Here are top three games like Zelda you would like to play.


It is also a blend of different elements packed in one game including action, adventure and thrill. You make new friends in the game, collect treasure and construct your building through clubs. You play the sandbox thrills and create your own home that is their own land, and it is called “cornerstone.”

Play Here.


One of the best time-killing Action-adventure game that provides you with the best experience of twists. You will be fully indulged in its fantasy-based atmosphere where you have to explore a broad range of locations. You have to fight combats with giant sized monsters and different opponents. While using the power of the magical sword given to you in the game, you have to explore and collect the coins, gems and alluring relics. You solve puzzles to achieve your goals in the game and thus, it being an excellent and addictive game, gives you the same experience as Zelda.

Play Here.

Golden Axe Warrior   

If you are looking for a clone of Zelda, this game would be your first choice. It is build in the same art style even the elements are quite similar to Zelda. When you assume the role of the young protagonist who has to face inevitable challenges to discover nine crystals that are scattered in labyrinths, you feel the same excitement as the protagonist in Zelda. You fight with the demons with the help of Golden Axe given to you and move on to complete your journey. It is undoubtedly an addictive game that takes you in its trance while you are busy in your combats with monsters.

Hyper Light Drifter

You face the real kind of battles with the dark souls throughout the story, and this thrilling situation reminds you of Zelda adventures. You face dangerous situations and get an energy sword to fight with the opponents. Other traditional weapons such as powerful guns are also rewarded while you are exploring a horrible world full of monsters and demons. You can customize the weapons according to the situations in the game.

Play Here.

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