50 Short Inspirational Quotes to Uplift Your Soul

We all feel low sometimes and life seems to be unfair. At those times, we start cursing the life and pray for our death but according to us, one just needs some inspiration at that time to get back on the foot. However, many people do not get the inspiration they need and they keep on the dig of despair. To make sure that does not happen to our readers and followers, we have added the Short Inspirational Quotes in this article. If you are high on inspiration and think you do not need it, we suggest that you still upload the quotes because you never know when someone is feeling low and looking for the motivation.

Cute Short Inspirational Quotes

You must be thinking that the word cute does not match with inspiration but when you will read our collection of inspirational quotes, you will see that these quotes have a hidden message behind them. So, see for yourself and upload the one you like and the one you seem fit.

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]No guts, no story. Chris Brady[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]My life is my message. Mahatma Gandhi[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Screw it, let’s do it. Richard Branson[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Boldness be my friend. William Shakespeare[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Keep going. Be all in. Bryan Hutchinson[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]My life is my argument. Albert Schweitzer[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Dream big. Pray bigger.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Leave no stone unturned. Euripides[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Fight till the last gasp. William Shakespeare[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Steve Jobs[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Broken crayons still color.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]And so the adventure begins.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]If you want it, work for it.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You can if you think you can. George Reeves[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Whatever you are, be a good one. Abraham Lincoln[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Grow through what you go through.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Do it with passion or not at all.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]She believed she could, so she did.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The past does not equal the future. Tony Robbins[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Good things happen to those who hustle. Anaïs Nin[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]At the end of hardship comes happiness.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Don’t dream your life, live your dream.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]If it matters to you, you’ll find a way. Charlie Gilkey[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffc88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Forget about style; worry about results. Bobby Orr[/su_note]

Short Inspirational Quotes For Students

Students are the builders of a nation and if they do not work hard, the nations fail badly. So, it is important students always have inspiration which drives them to do hard work as they should. If you are a student and think that you are going low on inspiration, we have added the inspirational quotes for you in this section.

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The wisest mind has something yet to learn. George Santanaya[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Open your mind. Get up off the couch. Move. Anthony Bourdain[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Be faithful to that which exists within yourself. André Gide[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable. Paramahansa Yogananda[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]In life you need either inspiration or desperation. Tony Robbins[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Euripides[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The true success is the person who invented himself. Al Goldstein[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Let him that would move the world first move himself. Socrates[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Go forth on your path, as it exists only through your walking. Augustine of Hippo[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough. Helen Keller[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Confucius[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]It is better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand days as a lamb. Roman proverb[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Life is fragile. We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow so give it everything you’ve got. Tim Cook[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and they day you find out why. Mark Twain[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Fall seven times, stand up eight. Japanese proverb[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Whatever you do, do with all your might. Marcus Tullius Cicero[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Dream without fear. Love without limits.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Every noble work is at first impossible. Thomas Carlyle[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]If you’re going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You can do anything you set your mind to.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#b5ff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]We are twice armed if we fight with faith. Plato[/su_note]

Short Inspirational Quotes For Work

If you are a working person, there are high chances that you feel low some times and feel like quitting the job. But leaving the job is not the answer to everything, right? So, we think that you only need a little motivation to get back on your feet and start working. To give the essential dose of inspiration, we have added the quotes in this section. So, give them a read and get back to work!

[su_note note_color=”#88ffca” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Make your daily struggles reflect the kind of choices you want to pass on to your children so they can live better lives than you did, you’d be proud of all you accomplish this way.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffca” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Do what makes you a better person and pick your struggles carefully, because not all struggles make your life any better than it was the day before.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffca” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]If the struggle brings you to tears then it better be worth every drop and if you think you are on the wrong struggle, then don’t hesitate to jump ship.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffca” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The price for a good life is steep and that’s why only a few people are willing to pay through the sweat and struggles for that good life.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffca” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Be ready to run but take precautions because life gives you struggles like hurdles and you might just run into them instead of leaping over them.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffca” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Just make sure that after struggling to be all you want to be that you don’t forget to live life because it would then be no use to struggle with no good reason.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffca” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Life is the result of the examinations and your struggles are the questions you need to answer, there’s no cheating in this one.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffca” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Struggling to win is the best way to show commitment to your passion because in every path chosen, obstacles are simply pointers to the end you seek.[/su_note]

Short Inspirational Quotes For Love

Love can be empowering but sometimes, it tires us up and we think that we are not capable of love. This is not at all true because people tend to think like this when they feel low. So, in order to give you some motivation about love, we have added a huge collection of quotes in this section

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” Robert A. Heinlein[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
Mother Teresa[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”
Gautama Buddha[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is a quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”
Ann Landers[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Our first and last love is self-love.”
Christian Nestell Bovee[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.”
Henry Drummond[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”
Maya Angelou[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”
Dalai Lama[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“The more one judges, the less one loves.”
Honoré de Balzac[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“The first duty of love is to listen.”
Paul Tillich[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.”
James A. Baldwin[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible—it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.”
Barbara de Angelis[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.”
C.S. Lewis[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love cures people—both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”
Karl A. Menninger[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“The best proof of love is trust.”
Joyce Brothers[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”
Oscar Wilde[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“The giving of love is an education in itself.”
Eleanor Roosevelt[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88fff9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.”
John Lennon[/su_note]

Short Inspirational Quotes For Kids

As kids, they tend to learn new things and whatever they learn at the early stages, it stays with them for life. So, if you are someone who is binging up a kid and wants to make sure he or she does well in the life, you can empower them through these quotes which we have added for the kids.

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Life is too short to learn German. Oscar Wilde[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Why do they put pizza in a square box?[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Do crabs think we walk sideways? Bill Murray[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Don’t be humble, you’re not that great. Indira Gandhi[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I intend to live forever. So far, so good. Steven Wright[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]My life feels like a test I didn’t study for.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Why is there an expiration date on sour cream? George Carlin[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last. Oscar Wilde[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol. Steven Wright[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. Steve Martin[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]In heaven, all the interesting people are missing. Friedrich Nietzsche[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The last woman I was in was the Statue of Liberty. Woddy Allen[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Women want love to be a novel. Men, a short story. Daphne du Maurier[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. Benjamin Franklin[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. Mark Twain[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Whoever named it necking is a poor judge of anatomy. Groucho Marx[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine. Robert C. Gallagher[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I bet giraffes don’t even know what farts smell like. Bill Murray[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Every novel is a mystery novel if you never finish it.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Why is the slowest traffic of the day called ‘rush hour’?[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times. Mark Twain[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The risk I took was calculated, but man, I am bad at math.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder. Steven Wright[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Do not read the next sentence. You little rebel, I like you.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they changed it. George Carlin[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won’t expect it back. Oscar Wilde [/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in a library? Lily Tomlin[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by. Douglas Adams[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I never feel more alone than when I’m trying to put sunscreen on my back. Jimmy Kimmel[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others. Groucho Marx[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The key to eating healthy is not eating any food that has a TV commercial. Mike Birbiglia[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I’ve got to keep breathing. It’ll be my worst business mistake if I don’t. Steve Martin[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]There are three types of people in this world: those who can count, and those who can’t.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88cfff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The closest a person ever comes to perfection is when he fills out a job application form.[/su_note]

Inspirational Quotes About Life & Struggles

Whenever someone is born, their hardships and struggles start. Many people think that life is easy and to tell you all the truth, life is no bed of roses. If you want to portray your feelings about life and its struggles, we have added the quotes which will make sure that you get to tell the world the reality of life.

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Struggling is not the identity. You must learn to live while you struggle, such that anyone who sees you can separate the struggle from your life.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Don’t be stuck on the struggle that you refuse to be a part of life, there’s so many people waiting on you to show them that they deserve to live, so breath a bit and live life even in the struggles.
live life even in the struggles[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Struggles are a part of life but they are not the totality of what life entails so we must remember to discover all the other ingredients that make life worth living.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Those who struggle do it because they want to live so it’s only injustice if you struggle so much and pass up on opportunities to live life.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Struggles like life will not last forever, so you have to choose which you’ll devote your attention to.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]As much as this will not be easy, it’s better to choose life even through the struggles.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]It’s so beautiful when you get the rewards for struggles and a chance to enjoy the life you are making so much sacrifices to get.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Struggles are just as addictive as life so when you find yourself on that balance scale tilting towards one than the other, you’ll feel the withdrawal symptoms like you’ve been getting too little of one.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Maturity does not come with growth, it’s most times a function of perfecting that balance between struggles and life and learning to be yourself regardless of what life throws at you.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Without the struggles we face in life, we might be unable to tap into our deep crucibles of creativity and produce all the art that makes the world this beautiful place it is.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Decide always to accept your struggle and don’t compare yourself with others because everyone has the strength to live their own life and not other people’s life.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You can only help people feel better about their life but you cannot take on yourself their struggles because that’s not your load to bear.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Hope is important for those struggling through life, without a sort of hope, man would just be a miserable creature suffering with no end in view.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Sometimes death is a release, some kind of relief from life. Yet we live on with all the strength we can muster because we choose the struggles of life over the unknown release that’s in death.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]If there’s ever anything you wanted so badly that you would never enjoy life without it, then let your struggles be for that thing or you’d spend life miserably pursuing things that would never make you come alive.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Be invested in your happiness no matter how much struggles you have to make living a happy experience, just be brave about it and take life head on.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You need an immense amount of courage to stay the course and struggle even when you are almost ready to give up on life, so take courage and don’t let go till you win.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You will not be crowned king for struggling hard through life, you will be crowned for understanding what makes life worth struggling for and that’s noble.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]There’s nothing pretty about struggles because they leave you sweaty, broken, and some times almost losing your mind but you must keep your eyes on the prize. Life has it’s rewards.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]We must never betray our convictions by struggling for easy benefits, cowards would never understand what it means to live their life based on deep seated convictions.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88acff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Struggle for the right things like love, family, and your peace because if you don’t, you will find yourself struggling for things you hardly even understand how they became priority in your life.[/su_note]


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Good Evening Quotes For Him, Her, Love, Friends, & More

In today’s fast-pacing world, sharing the emotions and feelings is not an easy task to do and the bets away are to use the quotes. We all share messages and memes all the time but why cannot we share the informative quotes and other things which adds to the wisdom? If you agree with us, you must also understand that people love it when someone shows interest in them any time of the day. So, according to us, the evening is the time when people are tired and at their lowest and it is the right time to send them something which cheers them up. For such people, we have added Good Evening Quotes For Him, Her, Love, Friends, & More in this article.

Good Evening Love Quotes

According to the researchers, love is the most powerful emotion and it can make people do impossible things if they are pushed the right way. If love can do so much, one love quote can surely pick up the energy of the low feeling person who is just tired with an immense workload. So, if it is the evening time and you want to cheer up your loved ones, we have added the good evening love quotes which you can send to your loved ones and make them smile!

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]No impossible things with your friendship I know with true friendship never make you fail Have a wonderful Good evening[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]This is the time of sun set,
Watch it in the west
Enjoy the beautiful good evening[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Love the movement what we get,
And the each moment is a great memory
This evening time is the most amazing thing
I wish every evening it must repeat !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Don’t depend on others
You must be on your own legs
Just walk along and have a great evening !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]orange color of sunset represents friendliness
it makes me to remember you
Have a lovely good evening friend!![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Don’t regret what you loss
You will gain again like a sun raise
Enjoy the sun set or loss,
Which gives us some lesions[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Here I send you evening coffee to you
Along with a bill
The total bill is just your sweet smile
Good evening friend !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Your friendship is as like as orange color
As bright as like sun rays at the evening
Is the symbol of shine forever
Good evening dear !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I follow the rhythm of my heart,
It takes me to the destination
Where I can relax, hope the same from you
Good evening!![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff388″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You are the sweetest friend I ever have
Your presence is very precious to me
But this evening I am missing you
Have a nice good evening!!![/su_note]

Funny Good Evening Quotes

One good laugh is worth thousands of pain killers. We said pain killers because the debris of the whole day can make a person suffer from a headache. So, if you know some workaholic who gets a lot of headaches and very less laugh, choose some amazing good evening quotes from our collection and send it to them. These quotes will make sure that they smile and giggle and feel fresh!

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]When the sunset starts and The stars starts appear, there is nothing will be there in my mind except you, to make you feel happy with my love : Good evening sweet heart !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You are the one I remember
When I wake up and
Before I sleep,
You and you and you only you
In my thinking, good evening !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Do you know dear
True love never fade
It is as fresh as like your smile
Good evening dear !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Whenever I remember your smile
My heart blow with the happiness
Something like mild slow instrumental music
Good evening dear !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]At this moment
your love filled my heart
and it is heavy to carry without sharing with you
Good evening dear !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Last night your lovely words
I still feel fresh and feeling
The same be continued today also
Waiting for your call, good evening[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Love that can’t be so simple
Unless you say I love you
Waiting for your message
Say something in this beautiful
Good evening !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]It is to my surprise
That I can’t see myself
When I am with you, however
I just see myself in you, my dear
Good evening !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Today I wanna tell you
Something different, hope
It may make you to feel me
Good evening !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#bcff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Every evening is a good one
But today I want to make it
More memorable one,
Anxiously waiting for you at the same place !![/su_note]

Good Evening Inspirational Quotes

In this section, we have added the inspirational quotes which you can send to your family and friends and make them feel inspired at the evening time. We are saying this because sometimes, people need inspiration and if they do not find it anywhere, they feel very low. So, take out some inspirational quotes from this section and make them feel better and inspired.

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]There is always a good day As the sun raises in the morning Leaving all the bad to the y’day sun set Have a cheerful Good evening!![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I thank god every time that I pray
Coz god always give me a new day
With new hopes, so don’t leave your hopes,
Good evening friends !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Imagine it you achieve it
Dream it you get it
Imagine or dreams are powerful weapons
To make us to move further in life
Have a pleasant good evening !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Your failures are not the end of your deed
Keep trying with new trials,
Make failures are your lessons
Sure you win thereafter
Good evening !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The sun set tells you
The fact that it is the
Near time to have dreams
Good evening !![/su_note]

Good Evening Quotes & Images

There are always some people who love to choose the quotes which are in the picture form. This is because they think it is more convenient to send and they can send easily on WhatsApp or messenger. So, if you wanted the same thing, we have added the pictures with good evening quotes which you can download and share with your family and friends.


Evening Messages Quotes To Send Him

If you have that one special man in your life who you wish to be your life partner, we are sure that you love him dearly. When you love someone, you want to make sure that their spirits are high all the time. So, with the evening time, there are high chances that he might be feeling low. So, you can send these romantic evening quotes to him to up his spirits.

[su_note note_color=”#88ffe8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Tired this evening with full of work load But I forget all when return home[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffe8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Cuckoo says cucuuu
Squirrel says kitch kitch
Baby says maaam muaam
Enjoy the funny things in the Evening
Good evening !![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffe8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Monkey on the mango tree
Dropped one to his friend
Saying it is evening let’s eat and go
Happy evening!![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffe8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]One, two see the sky
Three, four enjoy the sun set
Five, six have a joystick
Seven, eight look at the side
Nine, ten jump aside
Good evening[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffe8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Smile and work
Success is yours
Happy evening !![/su_note]

This was all about Good Evening Quotes For Him, Her, Love, Friends, & More and we hope that you found the perfect quote to send to your family and friends. If you liked the quotes, share them with your friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!


100+ Short Quotes About Love to Make Him/Her Fall In Love Again

According to us, love is the most powerful emotion and if you get the love, it can be very empowering. Many people love to share their thoughts about love but they do not find the right medium to do so. So, if you want to showcase your perception and feelings about love, we think that quotes are the best way to do so. Moreover, if you have someone special in your life whom you love with all your heart, you can send the love quotes to them as well. Anyhow, to make sure you have the quotes you have been looking for, we have added Short Quotes About Love in this article. So, let’s see what we have in the house for you!

Romantic Love Quotes

Romance is what keeps the love alive and fresh and without romance, there is no relationship. If you have that one special person in your life, we are sure that you would love to show them the love you have for them in the heart. So, use the following romantic quotes to make them feel loved.

Jackson Brown, Jr. on happiness and love

[su_note note_color=”#fff588″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr.[/su_note]

Victor Hugo on the flower of life

[su_note note_color=”#fff588″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.[/su_note]

David Viscott on being loved

[su_note note_color=”#fff588″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”
David Viscott[/su_note]

Barbara de Angelis on love’s greatest gift

[su_note note_color=”#fff588″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.”
Barbara de Angelis[/su_note]

Petrarch on the divinity of love

[su_note note_color=”#fff588″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is the crowning grace of humanity, the holiest right of the soul, the golden link which binds us.”

Vladimir Nabokov on love at first sight

[su_note note_color=”#fff588″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.”
Vladimir Nabokov[/su_note]

Albert Einstein on falling in love

[su_note note_color=”#fff588″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”
Albert Einstein[/su_note]

Feeling Love Quotes

Love is an extremely important feeling or we may say emotion. If you are in love with someone, you need to show them that with your actions. So, you can get a hold of some great love quotes from the section below and send it to your lady love or your man!

Rumi on being born of love

[su_note note_color=”#eaff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“We are born of love; Love is our mother.” Rumi[/su_note]

Loretta Young on finding love

[su_note note_color=”#eaff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”
Loretta Young[/su_note]

Jackson Brown, Jr. on seeing with the heart

[su_note note_color=”#eaff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.[/su_note]

Honore de Balzac on eternal love

[su_note note_color=”#eaff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself.”
Honore de Balzac[/su_note]

Mother Teresa on the beginning of love

[su_note note_color=”#eaff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
Mother Teresa[/su_note]

Hermann Hesse on knowing what love is

[su_note note_color=”#eaff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”
Hermann Hesse[/su_note]

Honore de Balzac on true love

[su_note note_color=”#eaff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.”
Honore de Balzac[/su_note]

Unknown author on living happily ever after

[su_note note_color=”#eaff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”

Short Love Quotes For Her

If you are a man with a special lady in your heart, we are sure that she would love it if you send her some tokens of love in the form of short love quotes. If you have been in search of such love quotes, we have added a collection of it in this section!

Ann Landers on love and friendship

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is friendship that has caught fire. […] It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.” Ann Landers [/su_note]

Dorothy L. Sayers on coming home

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I love you. I am at rest with you. I have come home.”
Dorothy L. Sayers[/su_note]

Torquato Tasso on the missing piece of your soul

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul, that you never knew was missing.”
Torquato Tasso[/su_note]

Erich Fromm on mature love

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says ‘I need you because I love you.’”
Erich Fromm[/su_note]

Zora Hurston on what love does with us

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.”
Zora Neale Hurston[/su_note]

Ben Hecht on the magic of love

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is the magician that pulls man out of his own hat.”
Ben Hecht[/su_note]

Max Muller on flowers that blossom

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.”
Max Muller[/su_note]

Cyril Connolly on loving but once

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“We love but once, for once only are we perfectly equipped for loving.”
Cyril Connolly[/su_note]

Victor Hugo on the greatest happiness of life

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.”
Victor Hugo[/su_note]

Peter Ustinov on endless forgiveness

[su_note note_color=”#88ff8e” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.”
Peter Ustinov[/su_note]

Short Quotes About Love & Life

Love is the most integral part of anyone’s life and there is not a single person who does not have a special someone in their life. So, if you do have that one person, we are sure that your life must be filled with joy. If we are right, why not send them the quotes given below and tell them how important they are in your life.

Bruce Lee on love that grows older

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is like a friendship caught on fire. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.” Bruce Lee[/su_note]

Jesus Christ on loving each other

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”
Jesus Christ[/su_note]

Helen Keller on the fragrance of love

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.”
Helen Keller[/su_note]

Maya Angelou on love that sets you free

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Suddenly we see that love costs all we are, and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.”
Maya Angelou[/su_note]

J.R.R. Tolkien on spending time together

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone.”
J.R.R. Tolkien[/su_note]

Eva Gabor on the game of love

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is a game that two can play and both win.”
Eva Gabor[/su_note]

Barbara de Angelis on the most powerful force

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.”
Barbara de Angelis[/su_note]

Mother Teresa on boundless love

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”
Mother Teresa[/su_note]

Leo Buscaglia on missing life

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.”
Leo Buscaglia[/su_note]

Jean de la Bruyere on the sweetest sound

[su_note note_color=”#88ffd8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“The sweetest of all sounds is that of the voice of the woman we love.”
Jean de la Bruyere[/su_note]

Small Love Quotes For Him

If you are a lady with the prince of your dreams who loves you a lot, you must also give something back to him by showing them love and affection. One way is to send him the quotes out of nowhere to tell him that his love matters the most to you and what you think of him all the time.

Ferdinand Foch on powerful weapons

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” Ferdinand Foch[/su_note]

Lao Tzu on strength and courage

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu[/su_note]

Ingrid Bergman on kissing

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”
Ingrid Bergman[/su_note]

John Morton on the power of love

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“There is no limit to the power of loving.”
John Morton[/su_note]

Khalil Gibran on possessing love

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for love is sufficient unto love.”
Khalil Gibran[/su_note]

William Shakespeare on the ingredients of love

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.”
William Shakespeare[/su_note]

Dalai Lama on compassion and love

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”
Dalai Lama[/su_note]

Franklin P. Jones on having a worthwhile ride

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”
Franklin P. Jones[/su_note]

Francis of Assisi on seeking love

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Lord, grant that I might not so much seek to be loved as to love.”
Francis of Assisi[/su_note]

Martin Luther King, Jr. on human evolution

[su_note note_color=”#88ecff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.”[/su_note]

Funny Love Quotes

Life is all about fun and when love is added to it, the life just becomes the ideal one. If you agree with us, we have some funny love quotes in this section which you can send to your loved ones and make them smile while feeling loved.

Friedrich Nietzsche on loving life

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving.” Friedrich Nietzsche[/su_note]

Oscar Wilde on loving yourself

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”
Oscar Wilde[/su_note]

Audrey Hepburn on holding onto each other

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”
Audrey Hepburn[/su_note]

John Lennon on letting love grow

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.”
John Lennon[/su_note]

Aristotle on what love is composed of

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery on love

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery[/su_note]

Robert Frost on irresistible desires

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”
Robert Frost[/su_note]

Francois de La R. on finding love

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.”
Francois de La Rochefoucauld[/su_note]

George Herbert on having a gentle heart

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread.”
George Herbert[/su_note]

Kristin Chenoweth on loving yourself

[su_note note_color=”#88cdff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy.”
Kristin Chenoweth[/su_note]

This was all about Short Quotes About Love and we hope you found the perfect quote about love. If you lied the collection, share it with your friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!


Good Afternoon Quotes For Him, Her, Love, Wife, Husband, & Friends

Quotes are the perfect way to portray your feelings and emotions and if used the right way, it can share a lot of wisdom and knowledge. We share the useless messages with each other all the time but why cannot we share something that adds to their wisdom and make them feel better? If you agree with us, you must also understand that people love it when someone shows interest in them any time of the day. So, according to us, the afternoon is the time when people are tired and at their lowest and it is the right time to send them something which cheers them up. For such people, we have added Good Afternoon Quotes For Him, Her, Love, Wife, Husband, & Friends in this article.

Good Afternoon Love Quotes

According to the researchers, love is the most powerful emotion and it can make people do impossible things if they are pushed the right way. If love can do so much, one love quote can surely pick up the energy of the low feeling person who is just tired with an immense workload. So, if it is the afternoon time and you want to cheer up your loved ones, we have added the good afternoon love quotes which you can send to your loved ones and make them smile!

[su_note note_color=”#ffe888″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Darling, I take this moment to wish the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life a good afternoon. Hope you had a wonderful morning![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe888″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]An angel like you is very rare to find on this planet. I thank God for making our paths to meet. Wish you a good afternoon.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe888″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]There is beauty everywhere, when I know I have you. Good afternoon my love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe888″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I pray for your afternoon to be very smooth without any issues. Good afternoon beautiful[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe888″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Being with you has really transformed my life; I don’t know how life would be without you. Wish you a lovely afternoon.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe888″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]It’s a beautiful afternoon, but it is more beautiful when I hear your lovely voice. Have a Good afternoon my love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe888″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]A beautiful and lovely afternoon it is when you have someone who makes your life complete. Good afternoon to sweetheart – I cherish you always.[/su_note]

Funny Good Afternoon Quotes

One good laugh is worth thousands of pain killers. We said pain killers because the debris of the whole day can make a person suffer from a headache. So, if you know some workaholic who gets a lot of headaches and very less laugh, choose some amazing good afternoon quotes from our collection and send it to them. These quotes will make sure that they smile and giggle and feel fresh!

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Sweetheart, as you climb the ladder of success, always check if the ladder is leaning on the right place. Good afternoon my love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You are the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. Good afternoon my love[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You are so special to my heart, how lovely it feels you have you. Good afternoon honey[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I love you every day being with you, because my world gets better every day with you around me. Good afternoon.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Darling, I love you dearly; you are more than the world to me. Wish you a lovely good afternoon.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life. Sending you sweet good afternoon message![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You have a good heart my dear; you are so caring and loving. Wish you a sweet good afternoon my love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Being in love with you has made me find happiness and peace in life. Thank you for everything. Good Afternoon my Love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]As you settle down for the afternoon, I wish you a lovely afternoon my sweetheart.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Darling, anytime I think of you, I miss you more and more. I feel like flying to where you are. I wish you a blessed Good Afternoon![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#cbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]May the Lord give you the strength you need to achieve your goals for the day, Good Afternoon my love, hope your day is going on well[/su_note]

Good Afternoon Inspirational Quotes

In this section, we have added the inspirational quotes which you can send to your family and friends and make them feel inspired at the afternoon time. We are saying this because sometimes, people need inspiration and if they do not find it anywhere, they feel very low. So, take out some inspirational quotes from this section and make them feel better and inspired.

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You are the only person in my life who gives me butterflies. I appreciate being your lover and I wish you a good afternoon love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I must admit you are the king of my heart, you make every moment in my life memorable. Good afternoon love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Good afternoon to the love of my life, you make my life sweeter with your affection and caring heart. I love you.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Thank you for letting me into your heart. You have made life more enjoyable. Good afternoon love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Sweetheart, you are my one and only heart beat. I love you dearly. Good afternoon love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffae” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I wish there was a way I could rewind the clock to noon so that I can come and see your beautiful face. Good Afternoon my love.[/su_note]

Good Afternoon Quotes & Images

There are always some people who love to choose the quotes which are in the picture form. This is because they think it is more convenient to send and they can send easily on WhatsApp or messenger. So, if you wanted the same thing, we have added the pictures with good afternoon quotes which you can download and share with your family and friends.


Afternoon Thought For Him

If you have that one special man in your life who you wish to be your life partner, we are sure that you love him dearly. When you love someone, you want to make sure that their spirits are high all the time. So, with the afternoon time, there are high chances that he might be feeling low. So, you can send these afternoon thoughts to him to up his spirits.

[su_note note_color=”#88ffea” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]To the most handsome man in my life, Good Afternoon![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffea” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Darling, I wish you a good afternoon filled with love and happiness.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffea” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You are a special person in my life; I am yet to find a person who is so caring and loving like you. I adore every moment I spend with you. Good Afternoon.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffea” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Good afternoon to the only person in my life who is my motivator and inspiration![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#88ffea” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]It is amazing how you do your own things, so inspiring. Good afternoon.[/su_note]

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100+ Good Night Quotes For Him, Her, Love, Wife, Husband

With each day ending and when the sun hides behind and the moon prevails, we turn to our loved ones to mark the end of the day. After having some chit chat with our loved ones, we usually say goodnight and drift off to sleep but we are not always with each other, right? So, if the same is the case with you, we have added the Good Night Quotes For Him, Her, Love, Wife, Husband in this section to make sure you have something to send to your loved ones to tell them that you love them the same each night. Have a look!

Romantic Good Night Quotes For Wife

Ladies always love it when you tell them through your words that you love them and they always want their boyfriends and husbands to keep telling them how much they love them. So, if you have the wife who asks for the same thing, we have added the romantic good night quotes for you which you can copy and send to her

[su_note note_color=”#fff58f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Good night baby. I dream about that perfect world where every day would start with a kiss from you and every night would start with a cuddle with you.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff58f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Good night, my sweetheart. As long as I am waking up with a messages from you in the morning I don’t mind having even the scariest dreams.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff58f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]At the moment I am starring at the picture we took together in the morning, so I can easily pass the lonely night. Good Night love![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff58f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]This night I wish you to sleep calm as never before. I‘ll be next to you. Good night![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff58f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I know how hard to fall asleep for you. You have to try it. I will be with you in your dreams. Hug you, dear.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff58f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Good night and sweet dreams, but your dreams cannot be sweeter than mine because I dream about the sweetest thing – about you.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff58f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I know neither of us are happy being away from each other. But still I wish you a good night sleep, because tomorrow we will be together and will have full day to cherishing our love and fulfil our dreams. Good Night my Love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff58f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Even if I count each and every star everything still seems dull due to the fact that you’re the brightest one in my life. Good night.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fff58f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Sweet Dreams my Love!! I get the sugary shivers down my spine, whenever I think about how you’re mine and I’m yours.[/su_note]

Good Night Love Quotes

We all have that one special person in our lives whom we love the most and all our love is for them. If you have that person, you would know that right before, you want to tell them how you feel about them. With our collection of good night love quotes, you will be able to portray your love!

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]May you dream of lovely things and to find them real.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Each day I wish that my dreams will come true. Then I remember that I am now with you.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Each night you sleep is a signal that a new beginning awaits you.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]One day, we will never have to say goodbye, only goodnight.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Touch your heart and shut your eyes, dream sweet dreams and sleep tight.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I wish I was there to hold you tight, instead of just sending you this loving “Good Night”.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright.Good night, and good luck. – Edward R. Murrow[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″] Here is to hoping that angels will guard you while you dream and the gentle breezes of the night will keep you cool. If it is too cold, may your blankets be warm as you drift on to a gentle rest.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#9aff8f” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Day is over, night has come. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Embrace your dreams, through the night. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.[/su_note]

Good Night Love Quotes For Him

If you have a husband or even a boyfriend whom you love with all your heart, this section has been filled with a lot of love quotes which you can send to him to make their night a peaceful one!

[su_note note_color=”#8fffef” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]God’s guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest… Doesn’t show everything at once… But gives enough light for the next step to be safe. Goodnight![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fffef” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Night is to see the dreams and day is to make them true. So its good to sleep now and see the dreams. Good Night![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fffef” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Always end the day, with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fffef” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Stars can’t shine without darkness.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fffef” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]If it comes back, I think that Friday night is not a good night to be on[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fffef” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Love is one of the simplest feelings. All I dream about is capturing your heart each night. You already have my heart.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fffef” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I don’t dream about you, because I can never fall asleep thinking about you.[/su_note]

Sweet Good Night Quotes For Her

Nights are always a good start and if you are in love, you would love to make it a better one when the moon will shine a little more for you. So, if you are in love and want to tell that special person, a new night is the perfect option for it. So, use the following sweet goodnight quotes and let them know how much they mean to you!

[su_note note_color=”#8fd1ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]My idea of a good night out is staying in.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fd1ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Here is a short line to keep in touch because your always on my mind very much.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fd1ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]At the end of the day, keep your spirits high. Tomorrow’s a new and better day.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fd1ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fd1ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I’m in my bed, you’re in your bed. One of us is in the wrong place.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fd1ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Make sure to be thankful before bed. What you think about now will determine the state of your dreams.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fd1ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Sleeping is nice. You forget about everything for a little while.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fd1ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]As you fall asleep, I want you to remember what a good person you are. Remember that I admire you and care for you. Sweet dreams![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#8fd1ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Take a look out your window now. Although we may be apart at the moment, we can both gaze up at the same moon.[/su_note]

Good Night Baby Quotes

In this section, we have added the most amazing collection of goodnight baby quotes which you can send to your baby and make them fall in love with you with each new night!

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I know what you are the one, because when we are apart I feel incomplete. I never want to be without you. Goodnight.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Tonight, I would walk a thousand miles just to be with you. Missing you, my love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Your bed just called me. It said that it wanted you and me to join it in dreamland. Let’s get moving and answer the call.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I think the best way to get a good night sleep is to work hard throughout the day. If you work hard and, of course, work out[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Dear sleep, I know we had problems when I was younger, but I love you now.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]There is something that is big, warm and fuzzy. Before you get too many ideas, you should know that it is a good night hug sent from me to you![/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]You cannot wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]The sun is upset now, but the moon dances in joy. Although the sun is depressed at seeing you go, the moon gets to enjoy the whole night with you.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Prayers should be the key in the morning and the lock at night.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c9c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Sleep is the best meditation[/su_note]

Good Night Love Quotes For Him

We know that you love your husband or boyfriend with all your heart and with every new night, you fall for them a little more. Similarly, every new night is a new chance so, why not tell them their importance in your life? If you are out of the ideas, we have added a collection of love quotes which you can send to him and let him know much you love him!

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]This is the end of the day, but soon there will be a new day. Keep your spirits up because there are always more chances.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]May I kiss you then? On this miserable paper? I might as well open the window and kiss the night air.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Go to sleep in peace. God is awake.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Early sleep and early wake up gives health and makes you grow.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]All I wish is that the nights when we are together would never end. When we are apart, I cannot bear it. Good night, my love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Good night. May you fall asleep in the arms of a dream, so beautiful, you’ll cry when you awake[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Read me a story then tuck me in tight. Tell me you love me and kiss me goodnight.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Each hour is crawling by like years. I cannot wait to be in your arms yet again.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Fear can keep us up all night long but faith makes one fine pillow.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f1c2ff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Just look up, we are both under the same starry sky.[/su_note]

Love Quotes For Wife From Husband

Wives always love it when their husbands show some love and affection to them. So, if you have a wife who wishes for the same thing, it is better to use our collection of love quotes and tell her how much she means to you!

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Perhaps the monotony of everyday has made us lose the charm that we two used to have, but I want you to know that you are the lady of my dreams and I don’t know what I would do without you by my side. You’re what I was looking for. I know I don’t tell you this very often, but I really love you.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″] “Of all the sweet things in the world, you are undoubtedly the sweetest. No one else would have made me feel the way you do. You rock my world and you know it. I love you and I’ll always do. Xoxo!”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Loving you is the best thing I have ever done; if life is full of hurdles, I am ready to cross it if you’re at my side. Love me more and keep me in your heart, this is what I only want. You’re the love of my life and the reason why I smile.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Holding your hands is how I want to spend my whole life; it gives me the love of living and the joy of being; your sight gives me the peace and makes the world more beautiful than it is. I love you, baby.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Come on over. I have all your favorites ready. Fries, burgers and ME!!”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I can never get enough of you, even if I spent every single second with you. In truth, the more we see each other, the more I tend to like your company. I love you honey.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“All day I listen to people do the talking. But as soon as I get to hear the sweet voice of yours, all other noises around me seems inaudible – all I can listen to is the sweet voice that you have.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“To this world, you are just a person. But for me, you’re whole world. I love you my world.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“It’s not my mistake I love you very much! It happens to be yours!”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I promise to always be at your side, or on top of you or under you!”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc2f0″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Do you know one thing? You make me feel nervous in a good way. In a really, really good way, I love you.”[/su_note]

Sweet Good Night Quotes For Her

In this section, we have added a huge collection of sweet goodnight quotes for your wife or girlfriend. You can use this section to send them some love through your messages at the start of the day!

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“If words are not enough to say ‘I love you’, I will shower you with all my hugs and kisses.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Just like wine gets sweeter as it gets older, you keep getting so beautiful with age. I fall a little more in love with you with each passing day.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Your love gives me power to stay, to reach my every way, your love is like oxygen in my life, thank you my beautiful wife, I love you!”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“You worth all of me; you deserve every moment of my life – morning, noon, and night.You worthy my today and tomorrow because you are one-and-only WIFE! I love you!”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Words won’t be enough to describe what you mean to me. All I know is you are the center of my world and whole of my heart. I truly love you.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Your love is priceless for me; I don’t know how I shall ever be able to recompense the love and affections that you’ve given all your life. For the tolerance, for the care, for the affection and for understanding me, thank you for making the world a better place to live. I love you.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“My darling wife, my princess; may I dance with you to a music tune, which can last forever?”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“As long as you are with me, I don’t need any other possessions. You mean the world to me. Love you.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“A girl like you is a rare gem which is impossible to find. Do you know how blessed I am to find someone like you?”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I want to be your teddy bear for the rest of my life.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Teddy gets all the cuddling, and it is just not fair. Let your wife know you want to be the one she snuggles up at night or when she’s sad.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“At the night, thesky filled with stars, you’re the one that shines so bright. Thank for being my moon and lighting the darkest hours of mine.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffc5c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“No matter how hard my day was, but your lovely smile makes everything right. I love you, dear wifey.”[/su_note]

Good Night Sweetheart Quotes

For every person in love, their loved one is their sweetheart and we are sure you must have your sweetheart in life too. So, why not show them the love they deserve through your words? We have added a wide range of goodnight sweetheart quotes which you can send to them!

[su_note note_color=”#ffe6c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“The precious moments of my life are all when you lean down your head on my shoulder and tell you cute and sweet complain to me. Your love makes every moment special to me. I love you.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe6c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Life is beautiful as you are with me; even sadness turns into happiness when shared with you. I love you with all my heart.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe6c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I don’t need Valentine’s Day to say it. Every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re with me. If nothing lasts forever, can I be your nothing?”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe6c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Tell me from the core of your heart; what did I do to deserve you at my soul mate, my Wife… I need toensure I continue doing it to deserve you all my life!”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe6c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“You have this amazing way of making me happy no matter what. Love you my happiness.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#ffe6c2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I might not be the Superman, but I’ll always protect you.”[/su_note]

Good Night Quotes For Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is your most special person and you always want to shower immense love on her. If you are out of ideas to make sure she gets to see how much you love her, you can send her these good night quotes for girlfriend in this section!

[su_note note_color=”#fffac2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“If I was a planet and you were the moon, I’d stop spinning just by looking at you.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffac2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Every minute spent away from you is the waste of my day.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffac2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“You still give me butterflies to this day.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffac2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I love you = 831.8 letters, three words, and only one meaning.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffac2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“I love how I feel when I see you sleeping next to me. I love you, sweetheart.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffac2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Time can make everything old, but time has no control over our love; instead it becomes younger with age. What I love you is the truth of my life, and I will always be with you.”[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fffac2″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]“Some miles we both have crossed and made our canvas life beautiful, still a long way to go, I wish we both add many beautiful pictures in that canvas.”[/su_note]

Good Night Husband Quotes

In this section, we have added the good night husband quotes which you can send to your husband and make their day. On a side note, you can also need a rose on their bedside to show them how much you cherish their presence.

[su_note note_color=”#fbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]It’s so funny that I’m still afraid of the dark. But when you are with me, there’s nothing I need to worry about. I can’t wait to forget about everything in your arms, feel your heart beating next to mine. Sweet dreams, baby.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I hate sleeping without you. Nights are endless when you don’t hold me, I feel so cold and alone. Let’s not sleep by ourselves anymore, it’s not something I can handle. Goodnight and see you soon, love.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I hope you’ll see me in your dreams, love. I will do anything to make your sleep safe and peaceful. I hope that this night will bring you harmony, and in the morning you will feel one hundred percent rested. [/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I miss you so much when you are not around. I know you do too. But I hope that it won’t make you restless. Have a great peaceful night and don’t forget that in the morning we will see each other again.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fbff88″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]I wish I could kiss you right now. Did you know that it’s my favourite thing to do? May this night be peaceful and full of sweet dreams. Miss you like crazy, can’t wait to see your handsome face tomorrow. [/su_note]

This was all about Good Night Quotes For Him, Her, Love, Wife, Husband and we are sure you found that perfect quote which you could send to your loved one. If you need anything else, you can ask us through the comment section below and we shall be here to help you out. If you like the c