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How To Calculate Age Manually

Whenever we look around, everyone is concerned about their age and want to know how old they are, regardless of checking every other day.  If you want to calculate your age manually just to be on the safe side, you have come to the right spot.there is many age calculator online But to get perfect result we go for Manually method We are saying this because we have added How To Calculate Age Manually in this article. But before we start off with the guideline, let’s see some background information.

What Is Age?

According to the Oxford dictionary, age is defined as the length of time one person has existed into life or have lived. Generally, age is linked to human beings but if seen on another perspective, it is the calculation of the length of time for anything that has ever existed.

How To Calculate Age Manually?

Calculating the age of someone through the manual procedure is an arithmetic process and we have mentioned all the steps in the section below. You can follow the steps and you will be able to calculate the age easily;

  1. First of all, you need to know the birth year of the person ‘
  2. Then, consider the current year
  3. Then, subtract the birth year from the current year
  4. Whatever the value shows up, is your age


For instance, the current year is 2019 and you are calculating the age of a person who was born in the year 1992. Now, you will have to subtract 1992 from the current year, 2019 and the resultant value will be 27 which is the age.  This value will show that this is how long a person has lived.

How To Calculate Age From Date Of Birth In Excel

The “how old are you?” question is too common and you wish you would always know the answer. Fortunately,  if you have Microsoft Excel, you can easily use the formula to calculate your age in months, days, hours, minutes, and however, you like.

Basic Excel Formula For Age In Years

Usually, you just subtract the current year from the birth year to calculate the age but in excel, things work out a little differently. For instance, add the birthdate in the cell B2 and the formula is as


The first part of the formula will tell the difference between the date of birth and the current date and you can easily divide it by 365 to get the number of years. The formula is very easy and can be remembered without any hassle. But sometimes, it acts up and appears as a decimal;

You can then use the INT function to round the decimal and get a rounded number of years such as;


The result of this formula will be accurate but there can be some flaws

Calculate Age From Date Of Birth With YEARFRAC Function

This is one other reliable method to transform the DOB into the age through the Excel function which will turn the fraction of the year. The syntax for this function is;

YEARFRAC(start_date, end_date, [basis])

You can also try supplying the below-mentioned values to make the perfect true age formula such as;

  • Start_date – date of birth.
  • End_date – TODAY() function to return the today’s date.
  • Basis – use basis 1 that tells Excel to divide the actual number of days per month by the actual number of days per year

You can even consider using the following formula to calculate the age from the date of birth

YEARFRAC(date of birth, TODAY(), 1)

Assuming the fact that the birthdate is in the cell B2, the formula will be transformed as;


To round up the decimal value, you can use the ROUNDDOWN function with a zero figure to ensure there aren’t any decimal places. Below is the improved YEARFRAC formula to calculate the age;


Calculate Age In Excel With DATEDIF

This is just another method to convert the date of birth into the age using the functions from the Microsoft Excel and the name of the function is DATEDIF’

DATEDIF(start_date, end_date, unit)

With this function, you will be able to return the difference between two dates in the distinguishing units such as years, days, months, and the units depend upon the value you add to the unit argument

  • Y – returns the number of complete years between the start and end dates.
  • M – returns the number of complete months between the dates.
  • D – returns the number of days between the two dates.
  • YM – returns months, ignoring days and years.
  • MD – returns the difference in days, ignoring months and years.
  • YD – returns the difference in days, ignoring years.

As you want to calculate the age in the year unit, we will use the “Y” unit such as;

DATEDIF(date of birth, TODAY(), “y”)

The date of birth is in cell B2 and age formula is then referenced such as;

=DATEDIF(B2, TODAY(), “y”)

In this method, you will not have to integrate the additional steps to round the decimal value because using the “y” will automatically calculate it in full years.

This was all about How To Calculate Age Manually and we hope that you got to find the right age through a manual procedure. If you are having some trouble, reach out to us in the comment section and we will be here to guide you further. Thank you!


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How To Rank YouTube Videos On Google First Page – A Complete Guide

YouTube has been named as the second most-used social media platform and also the search engine given the fact that people turn to YouTube videos the moment they don’t find the desired result on the Google search engine. This fact is enough to reflect the importance of YouTube and how big of a platform it has become. These numbers and stats have encouraged the businesses to make a YouTube channel and market their businesses through the videos. Other than that, have you ever seen that there are some times when you search something up on Google, it shows the YouTube videos in the result and if you want to land there at the top of Google rankings, this article has been designed for you. We are saying this because we have added How To Rank YouTube Videos On Google First Page – A Complete Guide in this article.

Tip 1 – Video Content

The first mistake that people make is the wrong creation of the video. Many businesses think that they need to market their business on each platform that they have a presence on. While on YouTube, you must not be focusing on being too sale’sy as it can put off the audience. We understand that you have created a YouTube channel to market your business offerings but there are other video content ideas as well. One such idea is to create a How-To Video featuring your business offerings.

Tip 2 – Video Length

YouTube is famous for its ever-changing algorithms which are updated every other day to ensure optimum user experience. In the recent update in the YouTube algorithm, they have given the guidelines about the video length. So, according to the observations and expert opinion, the video with longer watch-time do not perform well. The optimum video length is around 3 to 5 minutes. Moreover, the other numbers affect the YouTube video ranking as well which comprises of;

  • Total watch time of the video
  • Total number of comments on the video
  • Total number of likes on the video
  • Total number of videos that you have shared on other social media platforms
  • Total number of videos embedded in other websites

So, putting an end to this tip by concluding that your content must be appealing and to-the-point!

Tip 3 – Convention Naming

When you have created and edited the YouTube video to the perfection, you need to decide the name, right? So, the best thing to do is to incorporate some relevant keywords in your video title to make it rank better on YouTube as well as on Google.

Tip 4 – Catchy Description

When people click on the play button on your YouTube video, two lines from the video description will be visible to them. To, make sure that those two lines encourage them to read the further description by clicking on the “read more”. In addition to that, you can also incorporate the relevant keywords in the video description.

Tip 5 – Utilize The Playlists

When you create the videos and put them all in a playlist, it portrays a very positive image. However, as we are talking about optimizing the videos on Google rank, it is best to create the YouTube playlist with the keywords and add videos to it.

This was all about the tips and we can say that YouTube is an extremely powerful platform which has the tendency to generate traffic and direct to the engagement and conversion. We hope that we were some help and if you liked it, share it with your friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!

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Top Ways You Can Use To Protect The Eyes From Screens – Do’s & Don’ts

There is no doubt in the fact that technology has made our life a lot easier and the world has become a global village. In this technological era, everyone is connected to each other through the internet and other digital services. This has caused people to spend a heck of a time on the digital screens such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and much more. And we do all this without taking any precautionary measures such as adjusting the screen brightness or using the protective glass. We might not understand but this carelessness can cause serious damage to eyes and can even leave bad effects on the muscles. We keep on using the screens for ample time which can be very harmful.

Top Ways You Can Use To Protect The Eyes From Screens – Do’s & Don’ts

If you are someone who has to use screen a lot, we have got Top Ways You Can Use To Protect The Eyes From Screens – Do’s & Don’ts in this article.  Along with the ways, we have also added the remedies and tips which will help the users with ample screen time to save their eyes from the strain and have healthy eyes and muscles. But before we go on to that, let’s have a look at most prominent side effects of excessive screen time;

  • Digital screens use blue light which can pose serious eye problems if they are used for long-term periods
  • Excessive digital screen time can cause eye strain, eye chalazion, fatigue, styes, and dry eyes. In addition, many people suffer from the sore, itchy eyes, and can even weaken the eyesight

So, now you know how bad the digital screen time can be and how much you need to save yourself from those blue lights. Now, we go on to the tips and suggestions which can come handy if you want to save your eyes from such side-effects. Have a look at what we have got in the house for you!

Eye Exercise

If you have excessive screen time and you need to keep your eyes stuck to the screen, the eyes are at risk of diseases and it can even cause people to start losing focus (weakened eyesight). You can do a little exercise to keep your eyes from the strain by moving the eyes up and down, clockwise and anti-clockwise after every 20 minutes of digital screen time

Keep The Screen At Arm’s Length

One other important thing that you can do is keep your eyes safe from the direct and too much blue light from the screen. The thing you can do here is keeping the screen at least 20 to 26 inches away from the eyes or you can even go for the arm’s length to keep the screen at bay. Moreover, the screen should be a little below the eye level and you can also go for the adjustable chair which can be adjusted with the body type

Choose Eye Strain Glasses

If you are a glasses wearer, you can opt for the eye strain glasses to keep the eyes safe from the digital screen. The glasses will help you reduce the eye strain as well as reduce the glare. You can even go for the computer glasses which use a little yellow-tinted lens and have the ability to block out the blue light emitted by a digital screen.

Keep Screen Below The Eye Level

You can choose to keep the screen 5 inches below the eye level as it will ensure the protection of eyeballs as the eyes will have to open at a rather small angle

Break Is Important

Excessive screen time will not do any good to you or your eyes. If you use the digital screen for more than two hours, we recommend you to take a 15 to 20 minutes break from the screen. This break will keep you safe from the eye fatigue, dry eyes, and much more. When you take a break, you should blink your eyes again and again in order to re-lubricate the eyes and it will also give some rest. This break will be good for your eyes as well as the general health

Screen Lighting Must Be Adjusted

The brightness and lighting of the screen depending upon the environment you are going to work in. If you are going to sit in a room that has less light, you will have to decrease the screen brightness. If you are going to a room that has abundant light, you will have to increase the screen brightness. Some other things that you can do are keep the digital screen clean, use the bulbs and light with low voltage, and sit away from the windows. These things will help you reduce the glare from the screen and save your eyes in return

Give Your Eyes Natural Light

If you have spent too much time staring and working at the screen, you need to go in natural light for a small walk. It will allow the regulation of circadian rhythms and it will also reconnect your eyes to the natural ample light. In addition, to be good for the eyes, this will help regulate your mood as well as improve the quality of sleep.

Some Tips To Help

If you use the screen for the excessive time period, there are high chances that your eyes will be feeling strained and tired; you can opt for the 20-20-20 rules which will be a great way to relax your eyes. This rule describes that after every 20 minutes screen time, look at some object placed 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This rule will help you prevent a lot of eye-related issues by relaxing the eyes.

This was all about the Top Ways You Can Use To Protect The Eyes From Screens – Do’s & Don’ts and we hope that it helped you. After you have learnt all this, you should focus on keeping your eyes safe from all the blue light emitted by the digital screen. If you liked the tips, you can even share it with your friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!