Lycamobile Internet Packages, £5 £10 £15 £20 £25 Bundles Plans

Customers always look for the best internet packages that are affordable. Internet packages have always been demanded in the UK. In this article, I am presenting a complete guide of Lycamobile internet packages, their subscription and charges in detail, so that customers may not face any difficulty or worries in such matters.

There is two sort of SIM best deals: pay month to month arrange also Pas as you Go.

Here, below is the complete guide of all Lycamobile internet packages, SMS and call minutes (on net and off-net)

Lycamobile National Plus:

this lyca National Plus plan gives the customers the enjoyable experience of the 3G network with unlimited UK coverage and Lyca to Lyca texts. this is not just, Other than this Lycamobile is giving 100 international minutes, unlimited UK minutes and unlimited Lyca to Lyca minutes.

Cost of Lycamobile National Plus:

This super bundle cost only £10 monthly

Subscription code of Lycamobile National Plus:

You can subscribe to this bundle by Dialing *139*11544# or by sending a Text “11544” to 3535


This bundle is valid for 30 Days

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Lycamobile UK Plan Super:

one month offers are always fascinating and attractive. similarly, Lyca one month UK super plan offers you many things like National calls,  texts and 16 Gb of internet data. moreover, it pays you a reward of 16GB internet data for being on their network specifically on this bundle.

You will get 100 International Minute’s and unlimited UK Minute’s Unlimited UK Texts.

Cost of Lycamobile UK Plus Super:

This will cost only and only £15 Monthly.

Subscription Code

Subscribe to this bundle in two ways as below:

Dial: *139*1544#

Text: 1544 to 3535


It is valid for 30 days

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Lycamobile UK Plan Mega:

So this plan was specifically arranged for the customers who want to cross the boundaries. This plan offers you Boundless national calls and texts. it gives you the liberty to contact worldwide with your 100  free minutes approach. This bundle is beautified by 40 GB internet data with the 4G information utilization.

Cost of Lycamobile UK Plan Mega:

This Bundle will provide a total of 40GB Data with the only cost for first month £20 for Existing Customers and new costumer only £20 Monthly.

Subscription code:

You can get on this offer by

Dialing: *139*2044#

Texting: 2044 to 3535


The validity of this bundle is 30 Days

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Lycamobile UK Plan Ultra:

If you are permanent and continuous internet user, here is a deal for you. If you want to do screaning, watch movies, listen to the new music, want to have fun on social sites or want to do any other internet activities daily, so you can simply get on our Pan Ultra for your amusement.

Offer Incentives:

this bundle offers 100 International minutes Unlimited Uk calls and Lyca to Lyca unlimited calls with 25 Gb enough internet data.

Subscription Cost of the bundle:

This All Super Deal cost only £12 For First Month and £25 for Existing Customers Monthly.

Subscription Code:

Subscribe to this bundle through text or call

Dial: *139*12644#

Text: 12644 to 3535


The validity of this bundle is 30 Days

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Lycamobile UK Plan M GIGA:

you get high-speed internet streaming and downloading with this m Giga plan of Lyca mobile. Customers get satisfactory services of the internet and free minutes without other interference and interruptions.

Bundle Incentives:

the bundle offers Unlimited UK Minutes with Unlimited Lyca to Lyca Calls to its customers. More, this package also gives Unlimited UK and Lyca to Lyca Texts. 30 GB Data is also in this offer.

Cost of This Bundle:

This will only cost £17.50 monthly.

Subscription Code:

Dial: *139*3044#

Text: 3044 to 3535


It has the validity of 30 days

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Lycamobile UK Plan with Forever Data:

This UK Plan with forever data offer gives 9 GB speed with 4G speed. The offer has a high-speed network without any internet processing issue.

Offer Incentives:

forever data bundle has unlimited Uk minutes, texts and Lyca to Lyca texts. it also gives Unlimited Lyca to Lyca call offer. In just £20  you can stay connected with your loved ones without any disturbance.

Cost of This Bundle:

This will only cost you £20.00 monthly.

Subscription Code:

Dial: *139*2544#

Text: 2544 to 3535


It has the validity of 30 days

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Lycamobile UK Plan S:

Offer Incentives:

this monthly offer is not unlimited but it is bounded in some restrictions that it offers 150 UK minutes, texts with the 500 Mbs of internet data. it gives the 4 G fastest speed. other than this, it also gives unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls minutes and texts as well.

Cost of this bundle:

This will only cost you £7.50 monthly.

Subscription code:

Dial: *139*10744#

Text: 10744 to 3535


It has the validity of 30 days

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Here is A Complete Lycamobile All Internet  Packages Bundles Plans Shortcode:

oh, so you are hectic? and do not want to read the briefings? here is a complete list of all Lyca mobile bundles and packages. You can have a look at the Summary and gt on any bundle of your choice.

here is the complete summary of above details. list of all Lycmobile internet packages bundles code with activation codes are as follow

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