Warid Sim Lagao Offer-Enjoy Free Minutes, SMS & MBs 2020

You are in a form of treatment if you have not used your Warid sim. Just recently Warid has introduced their new Warid Sim Lagao Offer. So all the warid pre-paid customers, who did not use their warid sim for 30 thirty days (since a month) so this is the good news for them, they can re-insert the sim card and enjoy the offer with free minutes, texts and data.

Now Enjoy 3000 Free Minutes, SMS & MBs with Warid SIM Lagao Offer. If you have not used your Warid SIM for more than 30 days than you are eligible for this offer.

So hurry up guys! Do not not think too much! Just catch the sim and re-insert it into your handset and enjoy the offer.

What Warid is Giving You in The Warid Sim Lagao offer?

Warid brings you up with the new reactivating offer, Warid sim lagao offer, where you can enjoy the best free package. This is the good news for the All the pre-paid customers of Warid who have not used its SIM since a month, they can re-insert it and win 3000 free Warid minutes,(50 Minutes Per Day For next 60 days) 3000 free SMS to all local networks and 1500 LTE MB of free mobile internet for 60 whole days!

This is not enough. Wait actually this is not just. Warid is giving you more. In addition to 3000 free minutes, they are also providing 3000 free SMS to all local networks and 1500 LTE MB of free mobile internet, Warid also offers 100 Warid minutes, 100 SMS, 100 MB LTE internet to all local networks in Pakistan as a daily bonus on spending credit of Rs. 8 + tax per day. Warid is one of the leading telecommunication services in the country these days.

What Warid is offering more?

It offers ridiculously cheap and affordable daily offer, weekly offer and monthly call and sms offer as well.

How Can the Customers Subscribe to The Warid Sim Lagao offer?

  • It is not difficult to catch the offer. You are just required to follow some simple steps.
  • At first, just re-insert your sim card into your phone or device.
  • Then simply dial 4 digits 3733 from your phone.
  • You will get the offer.
  • Enjoy the offer after confirmation received.

What reward offer Warid gives to the customer for re-inserting the sim card?

  • The rewards that warid is giving to you are the up-fit benefits that are completely free.
  • 3000 warid minutes for the coming 60 days (2 months offer)
  • 3000 sms to any local network for the compete 60 days (2 months offer)
  • 1500 Mbs of data for the 60 days (2 months offer)

Bonus other than the offer and reward

Daily bonus offers the following rewards, upon using Rs. 8 + tax daily:

  • 100 Warid minutes, valid till 01 days.
  • 100 SMS to any local network, for 01 days.
  • 100 MB mobile internet, daily.

What are the specifications and terms for the warid sim lagao offer?

The terms and conditions of warid sim lagao offer are as follow;

  • It is a timely offer
  • It is only for pre-paid subscribers
  • Only those customers can avail this offer who have done their biometric sim verification
  • Free minutes are only from warid to warid network
  • The one-time bonus reward is for the 15 days only
  • Daily bonus is for one day only
  • Reward package of 3000 minutes, 3000 sms and 1500 Mbs data are for the 60 days.
  • To check the balance of on day bonus offer you can dial *200*507#
  • To check the balance of reward package of 60 days you are required to dial *200*508#
  • Balance share will not be considered as usage
  • Standard call setup charges will be applied
  • Taxes are applicable.
  • Your SIM is your identity. Only use SIMs issued through Biometric System verification- PTA


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How To Install Avast Antivirus On Windows 7, 8, and 10 – The Complete Guide

It is needless to say that everyone uses a computer these days. With the increase in technological advancement, the number of hackers is also increasing. This means that users are at a brisk of being cyberbullied. In many cases, there is a threat to personal and sensitive data on the computer. This is why people are opting for antivirus programs. If you want to get your hands on one, Avast Antivirus is the perfect option.

If you have downloaded Avast Antivirus already, we have a guide to help in the installation process. Avast is one of the best antivirus software out there. This is because it keeps the system protected from malicious threats and viruses. Many people are looking for an installation guide because Avast underwent an update recently. So, let’s move to the process of installing Avast Antivirus if you have Windows 7, 8, or 10.

The Methods To Install Avast Antivirus In Windows 7, 8, or 10

This section has a guide about the installation process. However, you need to download the antivirus program first. If you don’t have it, you can download it by clicking here. Now, let’s move on to the steps;

  1. Go to the official website of Avast Antivirus

2. Download the antivirus according to the operating system or Windows version

3. Once you click on the orange “free download” button, the download will start again

4. After the file download is complete, click on “open”

5. Follow the steps that show up on the screen

6. It will be installed in a few minutes and you can scan the system to stay ahead of the malicious content

Some Great Tips For Avast Antivirus

  • The scan may take some time (hours in some cases.) When the scan is on-going, you should not close the program
  • Avast will automatically delete the malicious files

This was all about How To Install Avast Antivirus On Windows 7, 8, and 10 – The Complete Guide. We hope that this article was helpful. If you need further assistance, let us know through the comments case if you don’t like this antivirus you can read Complete Article about How To uninstall avast antivirus 

[su_spoiler title=”How long does Avast take to install?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]If you want to download Avast and you are worried about a long stretch of time, it ends here. This is because the Avast will hardly take two to three minutes to complete the download. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Is Avast free really free?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]Avast Antivirus is completely free to use and there are no hidden charges. Once you download it, you can protect the computer for free against the viruses [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Does Avast work with Windows 10?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]The 2020 version was not compatible with Windows 10. However, Avast 2020 is here and it is compatible with Windows 10 perfectly. All the bugs and issues have been taken care of. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Does Avast slow down your computer?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]No, Avast will not slow down your computer. If the computer feels slow, run a scan and there will be a virus. Remove the virus and get the computer rolling again. s[/su_spoiler]

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How To Cancel The Car Tax – The Ultimate Guide

If you are residing in the United Kingdom, you would know about the strict rules regarding the road and cars. However, if you don’t have the car to your name some time, you can get rid of the car and road tax. If you can relate to this, we have all the information you need to cancel the car tax. So, let’s hop in and have a look at all the details.

How To Cancel Your Vehicle Tax

If you need to cancel your vehicle tax, you need to have the following reasons. You need to communicate the reasons to DVLA, such as;

  • If the car is transferred to someone else’s name through selling
  • If the car isn’t on the road anymore
  • If the insurance company has written off the car
  • If the car is stolen
  • If the car is exported outside the United Kingdom
  • If the car was scrapped in the scrapyard
  • If the car is registered and there is no vehicle tax from the authority

These scenarios are the only option you can get the car tax refund.

The Circumstances of Telling DVLA

There can be multiple circumstances of telling about the car to DVLA. The circumstances include the following;

  • DVLA will cancel the vehicle tax
  • If payment is done through direct debit, automatic cancellation will take place
  • If there is time left on the vehicle tax, the refund cheque will be sent to you. The refund amount is as per the calculations of DVLA through the tax information

The Limitations

If you are seeking a refund, there are multiple limitations to keep in mind. If there are following things, you won’t be liable for the refund;

  • 5% surcharge for the direct debit payments
  • The credit card fees
  • 10% surcharge for the six-month payment on the singular basis

Refund Of First Tax Payment

The refund amount will depend upon the lower of the following;

  • rate of second tax payment
  • first tax payment upon the vehicle registration

Once you communicate to DVLA about the car, you need to keep a track of the cheque. However, if the cheque doesn’t arrive within six weeks, you need to contact DVLA.

Wrong Cheques

If you have the refund cheque but the wrong information is there, you need to as DVLA to correct the information.


The rules of gaining the tax refund are pretty easy in case of road tax. The only thing you need to ensure is that if you own the car or not. If the car is stolen, transferred someone else, off the road, scrapped, or written of, you are at liberty to claim a refund. DVLA will help in processing the cancellation request and there is no other way around it.

There will be no refund for the credit card fees, a 5% surcharge on direct debit, and 10% on a single six-month payment.

Contact Information of DVLA

By phone

  • Telephone: 0300 790 6802
    Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm
    Saturday, 8 am to 2 pm

By email

  • Use the email Government email service to contact DVLA about vehicle tax and SORN.

By post

  • Vehicle Customer Services
    SA99 1AR

This was all about How To Cancel The Car Tax – The Ultimate Guide. We hope we were able to help. If you need more information, you can comment below to get the help!

[su_spoiler title=”How do I claim back car tax?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]You need to get in touch with DVLA to cancel it. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Can you cancel car insurance?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]Yes, you can cancel the car insurance anytime you want. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Do you get a refund if you Sorn your car?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]Yes, if the car is sold off, you can get a refund but there are certain limitations. You will need to contact DVLA for that.[/su_spoiler]

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Where is the Hash Key on the MAC? Easy Guide

We were receiving the issue from the apple users hat they are unable to use number key famously known as the Hash key on the Mac system. So if you are also facing the same problem then you have caught on the right place. With our simple instructions, you will become able to know how to use the hashtag on the mac system.

With the invention of Twitter, the hashtag has become trendy. The key is the representative symbol is “#”. Definitely you have seen this symbol everywhere on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, messenger, twitter, snap chat, and other sites as well. it is the most commonly used symbol and you cannot avoid it. We use this symbol in our daily lives as well. Basically it is being used to highlight something like #YOLO, #Happines, #socialIssue, #wedding, and #friendshipgoals, etc.

It is easy to use the hash key on the PC’s keyboard or on mobile phone but those who are on the MAC system find it difficult. It is because the hash key on the mac system is not easy to find and use.

Where is the Hash Key of MAC?

This article will help you in locating the hashtag key on the mac. The hash key is not added to the mac system separately because of some hidden reasons. Well, this is not our concern.

How to Use Hashtag on Mac System.

You can add the hashtag in your text by pressing two keys at the same time. If you want to use the hashtag (#) in the context then just press alt key along with the 3. Pressing ALT + 3 will add the hashtag symbol in your text. This system is workable on all the MAC OS X. it does not matter either you are using MacBook, iMac or Air you can use these two keys to put the hashtag symbol in the text.

Where is the Hash Key on the MAC? Easy Guide

Replaced Hash Key

We gave you a solution to put the hash key in your texts when you cannot find this symbol on your system. But in many cases, the apple has replaced this symbol with the local currency sign as well. So maybe you are working on that symbol but just because of lack of knowledge you are unable to use the hash keys.

For example in the UK the pound sign £ and in European countries, the euro sign € is being used.
Now you have found the hash key. I hope that this was a helpful session. Give us your feedback in the below comment section. We are looking forward to your response.

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How To Play The Irish Lottery?- Complete Guide

You might have seen many countries that have their national lottery setups. But the most famous one is the Irish lottery. Yes, you can apply in this draw even if you are not living in Ireland. This lottery is available all across the UK. This is a special case. You cannot apply to all the competitions from anywhere. Local areas have their lottery program. But the Irish lottery is playable if you are living anywhere in the UK. This section is to guide you on how to play the Irish lottery?

Irish lottery does not bound you but it gives you alternative options if you want to switch from your usual drawer. If this is a piece of new news for you ten read this complete guide of Irish lottery. You will get to know how to play it and win this game.

Basics Of Irish Lottery

It will surprise you that this is the older than the UK national lottery. It has a long and vast history. The lottery program was launched in 1987. The organizer of this lottery id does not stipulate that your residence must be in Ireland. No, it is already mentioned that you do not need to be living in Ireland to apply in this. But if you are from somewhere in the UK, you can get it online. Get your ticket online, pay for it and get an equal chance to win.

What Benefit Do You Get By Applying in This Lottery?

Well, the most prominent one is that it guarantees the jackpot of a minimum of €2 million (about £1.7 million). And the maximum limit is not defined. But the prize fun keeps on rolling until it gives some benefit to someone to win. There are so many rollovers.

This feature makes it different from other UK national Lotteries. The national lottery has a limited rollover before they share the prize fund between the people to see whose number gets matched.

Other than this, the Irish lottery is better than the national UK lottery because it offers shorter odds. You get more chances to win. While playing Irish lottery you have the chance of winning the prize by 1 in 42. And for the jackpot, it is 1 in 8,145,060. According to surveys it is estimated that the Irish lottery offers the winning chance that is 40% more than the national UK lottery and other lotteries.

Above all, the Irish lottery also has small gifts and prized for the participants who get at least three numbers matched. The rest of the lotteries does not offer small prizes.

How Does It Work?

There is an age limit. To play the Irish lottery you must have 18 years of age. The draws of the Irish lottery happen mostly on Wednesday and Saturday. For this, you choose the six numbers. You can choose these numbers from one to 45. If all the six numbers get matched then you scoop a jackpot.

If 3 numbers get matched then there are small gifts for the players. This is also among the most important benefits of the Irish lottery. You can play it online as well as in-store.

How to Play Irish Lottery?

Step 1: Pick Six Numbers from 1 to 47

Either you are playing the lottery game online or in-store, you need to pick any six numbers. You can select these numbers from the number grid available or you can generate the quick numbers as well. These six numbers are called as the main numbers.

Step 2: Plus Option – Optional

Here is an option of plus that costs you some extra charges but once you get this mark on your ticket the chances to win the lottery enhance more. When you add a plus in one line it costs you 1€. In a minimum, it is recommended to add at least two plus in two lines.

When you add plus you directly get an entry in the Irish Plus lotto 1 and lotto 2. Other than this you get plus raffles that means you get extra three chances to win the lottery.

When you select the plus option it appears on your ticket as “Plus: YES”

Step 3: Selection of Drawer

As mentioned above, draws take place twice a day. Wednesday and Saturday are there to open the draw. It depends on your selection that in which draw you want to enter your ticket. You have options like you can get the entry in any of the draws or even in both draws.

Step 4: Decide How Far in Advance to Play.

Here comes the matter of chances you want to avail. Before the completion of your play slip, you need to decide how many times you want to enroll your ticket in draws. For this, you can have multiple options. Your ticket can participate one time, two times, four times and eight times.

Some online websites are working to enhance the features of lucky draws. is one of those websites that makes it available to purchase the bets for a year. You can get it in advance by subscription.

Step 5: Pay for what ticket package do you purchase.

If you are an in-store player, then you need to pay your retailer directly. You will pay a minimum of 4 for two lines, one draws, without plus. After paying properly to the retailer he will give you your ticket. Keep that safely until unless the draws open up.

If you are playing it online, then you will have to give the details of your account and after that, the cost of your ticket will automatically get deducted for your account.

What benefits do you get when you are playing online other than in-store?

So when you pay online than the in-store it gives you plenty of benefits. First of all, is that you do not need to leave your place. You can get all the work one by just clicking on your phone. You are not required to keep the hold of your ticket anymore. You get all the winnings in the form of notifications. If you are a winner than simply you can withdrawal the winning prize from your account.

The duration of withdrawal may vary from bank to bank.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have to go to the bookmarkers to play the Irish lottery?

No, you will not have to go to the bookmarkers. You can play it online.

  • When does the Irish lottery sakes close?

The sales get close on 19:45 on Wednesday and Saturday evening.

  • How many numbers do you need to match to win the Irish lottery?

Well, you start to get prizes when at lats two main numbers match with the six main numbers.

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How To Read A Smart Electric Meter – The Ultimate Guide

Technology is uprising and it has impacted each aspect of our lives. For instance, who would have thought about the smart meters but they are all the rage now. The smart meters are convenient for sure but they can be difficult to read. If you have difficulty reading the smart meter, we have the guideline in this article.

How To Read The Smart Electric Meter

Keypad – Single Rate

  1. Look at the keypad and press the digit 9
  2. On the display, KWH will appear
  3. Then, eight digits will show up and that’s the reading of your smart electric meter s
  4. You need to note down this reading

Keypad – E7/Two Rate

E7 smart meters can be tricky to read. They don’t show separate reading for day and night. For that, you need to take the reading at and at night, separately. To take the meter reading on E7 meter, follow the following steps;

  1. Press 6 on the meter’s keypad
  2. Keep pressing 6 until R01 shows up on the screen
  3. Then, eight digits will show up on the screen and that’s the ready
  4. Note down the reading and if you don’t, don’t worry as the cycle will keep showing multiple readings

Two Buttons

  1. Press B or Display Select and the screen will light up
  2. Keep clicking the option four times until “Total Active Import” comes on the screen
  3. You need to note down the reading including all the decimal points

Three buttons

  1. There will be three buttons on the screen
  2. You don’t need to press any button as the screen will cycle through
  3. The zeros will show up and you might need to wait for the other numbers to show up
  4. You need to note down the reading including all the zeros and decimals
  5. In case of E7 meter, you need to forward the screen until number 201 shows up

This was all about How To Read A Smart Electric Meter – The Ultimate Guide. We hope this article helped you out. If you need further assistance, we can provide all the assistance you need!

[su_spoiler title=”How do you read a smart electric meter? ” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]We have added all the steps to follow to ensure you are able to get the readings on the smart meter. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How do I get a meter reading from smart meter?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”] 1. Press 6 on the meter’s keypad 2. Keep pressing 6 until R01 shows up on the screen 3. Then, eight digits will show up on the screen and that’s the ready 4. Note down the reading and if you don’t, don’t worry as the cycle will keep showing multiple readings [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”What is a smart meter for electricity?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]The smart meters are available for electricity as well as gas. These meters ensure that you are able to get precise readings about how much electricity you have used. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How do I turn off my smart meter?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]If you need to switch off the smart meter, press the power button at the back for five seconds and it will shut off. [/su_spoiler]

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How to Add Double Spacing on MS Word Document

This session is a guide about how to add double spacing on Microsoft word or change the line spacing on the word document. Before starting the proper guidance it is notified that every word file has different versions so are the techniques. Make sure what version of Microsoft word are you using. First of all, decide your version and then start to follow the steps and procedures.

Note: you can use a couple of the keys to add the spacing or space to the MS word document. Use ctrl+1 for one space, ctrl+2 for double space, and ctrl+5 for 1.5 line spacing of paragraphs, lines and the all highlighted area.

How to Add Double Spacing on MS Word Document

We have provided the guide of adding double space to the multiple versions of Microsoft Word document. You first decide your MS version then you can follow the navigational steps (that are added to assist you properly).

MS word 2016 (Office 365)

  • Open the Microsoft word on your PC or laptop
  • Go to the main taskbar
  • Enter the home tab
  • From here click on the option of the paragraph and then click on the icon on line and paragraph spacing.
  • Here a drop-down list will appear you can select the option of spacing from that list.
  • If you want to add any customized spacing then for this purpose you will have to click on the line spacing option again, from the drop-down list.

This session is a guide about how to add double spacing on Microsoft word or change the line spacing on the word document

Microsoft word 2007, 2010, And 2013

  • Open the document from your computer
  • Go to the home tab select the option of styles from the home ta section
  • Click on the normal style
  • From the drop-down menu select the option of modifying
  • In this pop-up window, you will find an option of formatting. From here select the spacing of your own choice, you will be given three basic options here.
  • Press on OK to save the setting.

This is the one way but here is another way as well to ad the double spacing on word document of 2007, 2010 and 2013. Have a look.

  • Open the Microsoft document
  • From the main top bar go in the category of the page layout.
  • You will find an arrow at the right bottom of the spacing section. Click on that arrow to open the paragraph window.

This session is a guide about how to add double spacing on Microsoft word or change the line spacing on the word document

  • In the paragraph, the window comes on the indents and spacing tabs.

This session is a guide about how to add double spacing on Microsoft word or change the line spacing on the word document

  • Click on the down arrow of the line spacing tab
  • Press double and then click on ok to save the changes that you made.

How to modify the line spacing.

Like the paragraph spacing, it is not a difficult task to modify or change the line spacing. Below are the guide’s steps to tell you how you can change the line spacing on the MS word versions of 2007, 2010, 2016 and 2013. Take a look.

  • Open the document on the MS word that you want to modify.
  • Select all the text. But if you want to change the spacing of some specif area or paragraph then select that area or paragraph.
  • After the selection click right on the selected area. Then choose the option of formatting first and then click on the paragraph.
  • When the window of the paragraph will get open, first of all, make sure that you are on the indents and spacing tab.
  • Click on the down arrow of the line spacing tab
  • Press double and then click on ok to save the changes that you made.

Well, this was a small guide about how can you add spacing and double spacing on the word window. In case you have any queries or questions you can write to us in the below comment section. We will try to catch you up as soon as possible on the priority. Stay tuned and connected for informative guides or visit our site for more interesting content.


Hajj Packages 2020 With Company’s Detailed Information

By the grace of Allah Almighty, if you have planned to perform the hajj that is the 5th Pilgrim of Islam, you are definitely at the right place. Here in this article, you will get to know about different Hajj packages, we have gathered all the information under a roof for your convenience so that you can find the best out of the stream that gives a comfortable and reliable package with the cheap Hajj Rates.

Here, we catch for you the best Hajj packages options. The companies that are offering reliable Hajj packages with the many options like hotel reservations, Airline tickets, ziyarat in both cities (Mecca & Medina), Air conditioned transport facilities, food and many more, offered by following companies.

Below is the list of all companies and websites that are giving convenient packages for you guys. Not only packages but these companies are offering online bookings as well. But we highly recommend you to visit these companies personally, to avoid any miss-conception or difficulty, before booking heir Hajj Packages online.

Short Hajj and Easy Umrah

Short Hajj offers private packages Pakistan from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, UAE, and the UK. It is approved by the Ministry of Hajj. They offer you categories like VIP, Executive, 5 stars and Universal Express.

  • Their PLATINUM packages series are divided into 10 Days, 16 Days
  • Diamond series is of 10 Days, 13 Days etc.
  • BRONZE series is for 10 Days, 13 Days
  • SILVER series are as for 16 Days and
  • GOLD series is categorized for 23 Days.

They provide; complete arrangement of your journey from Pakistan to Mecca and Medina, your training arrangements before travel, tutorial guide, interactive hajj material, and brochures and special VIP arrangements in Mina & Arafat.

for Inquiry Email to:

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
CALL 24 Hrs / 7 Days: 0321 – 405 – 1313

Travel and culture tour Safaris and hotels.

They offer you immense variety or packages that are affordable and reliable to the Hujjaj so that they can perform their hajj easily without any problem.
These packages are further classified as

  • executive short hajj
  • Executive hajj for 17 Days
  • Hajj package economy Budget
  • Hajj gold saver package
  • Hajj gold package

Hejjaz e Muqadas INTL travels and tours

It is basically based in Karachi and offers different Hajj packages in a wide range to comfort different people at a time. There are different packages offers as follow

  • 40 Days Ibadat Gold Package
  • 40 Days Ibadat Silver Package
  • 27 days Marhaba package and many more

For details, you can visit Hejjaz e Muqadas Official :

To Book contact us or call us at: +92-324-2001451 , or +92-21-35218098

Hajj Packages Pakistan 2020

Hajj packages Pakistan offers you effective bundles for performing this holy activity. These packages are reliable, cost-effective and convenient with five star and six-star services. You can complete the latest details of all hajj packages and offer your Ibadat easily.

for further details visit their official site ‘Hajj packages Pakistan’

Limited Seats are Available, Reserve Hajj Packages from Pakistan for Groups, Families, couples & single: A Project of Sharajia Group – Short Hajj, Easy Umrah. Call Now: +92-3214051313, +92-345-4051313 – Karachi Office Call +92-345-205-1313, +92-345-405-1313 WhatsApp 0345-205-1313 Phone: 021-35290457

Role of Govt. of Pakistan

As Pakistan in an Islamic state so the govt. of Pakistan also plays its role in such Islamic activities from time to time. To facilitate the Pilgrims to perform their Hajj smoothly, the Federal Minister of Religious Affairs has released the Hajj policy 2020. In his regard and for it, 14 banks of Pakistan will begin receiving Govt. scheme Hajj Applications from 25th of February, 2020.

That was all from my side. For further details or queries contact us or visit the official sites of the above companies. Stay connected for more interesting news, ideas, updates, packages, and reviews.


Ramadan Kareem Intro, Wishes, Greetings, Duaa, Timetable 2020

With Ramadan just around the corner, we have acknowledged the fact that people are looking for different types of material for Ramadan Kareem. Some people are looking for greetings while some are looking for wishes. So, we thought to cater to all types of needs. To do that, we have decided to talk about Ramadan Kareem Intro, Wishes, Greetings, Duaa, Timetable 2020 all in one article.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the most sacred month for Muslims all around the world. During Ramadan, Muslims fast, pray to Allah and abstain from pleasures. This holy month is comprised of 29 or 30 days depending upon the age of the moon. This month has significant importance as the holy book of Muslims; The Quran was first given to the Holy Prophet PBUH.

This year, Ramadan is likely to start from 6th May, However, we are still waiting for official news as it depends upon the moons’ visibility.

How To Wish Ramadan?

We know that Ramadan is approaching in very less time and you all want to wish Ramadan to everyone you know. Some people like to wish Ramadan Kareem in person and some do it over the phone. We understand the uniqueness of preferences so that is why we have covered how to wish Ramadan through greetings and wishes.

Ramadan Kareem Wishes

In this section, we have gathered the best wishes that you can send to your loved ones in order to wish them a happy Ramadan. We have listed down Ramadan Kareem Wishes in Arabic, Urdu, and English based on the liking of people. Every type of people can use these wishes to send to whoever they want as they are a perfcet fit for everyone.

Ramadan Kareem Quotes

There is always a group of people who like to send quotes instead of wishes. If you are one of those people, this post is for you because we have added a lot of quotes regarding Ramadan Kareem which you can send to your loved ones, family, and friends to welcome this sacred month along with them. Have a look!

You May Also Check Ramadan Stuff:


Ramadan Kareem Timetable

Every year when Ramadan Kareem arrives, people need a proper timetable to follow in order to schedule the iftar, sehar, and cooking time.  To make sure that everyone has easy access to Ramadan Kareem Timetable, we have written down the timetable along with accurate timings. We hope that it helps you plan your Ramadan Kareem in a much better way.

Ramadan Kareem Duaas

As Ramadan Kareem is coming in a few days, people tend to search for the Ramadan Kareem duas essential for opening and closing of sehar, iftar, and niyat. We have shared all the important dua’s in image form which you can download and recite them on a specific time that they are for.  Apart from that, there are 3 ashras in Ramadan which makes it important to know the Ashra dua as well. So, we have added the duaas for all three ashras so that our readers have access to all important duaas,

Ramadan Kareem News

News plays an important role in making you feel connected to the world and its happenings. So, with this sacred month approaching, we have made sure that our article gives complete access to the readers about all the Ramadan related news and we will make sure that we keep updating the latest information and news.

Ramadan Kareem Greetings

Greetings are something you say or do to congratulate someone for a specific event and what event can be more important than this holy month; Ramadan Kareem. So, with this years’ Ramadan approaching, we have made a list of greetings that you can say and send to your loved ones, family, and friends.

Ramadan Kareem Foods

In our culture, food plays an important role as it symbolizes celebration and happiness. In the month of Ramadan, people wait for delicious food at the iftar table but cooking those foods while fasting is not an easy task. So, in this section, we have added a variety of recipes that are not only delicious but are also easy and will not require extra time to cook. Have a look!


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Shab-e-Qadr Wishes, Greetings,Quotes, Images, Status, Wallpaper 2020

Shab-e-Qadr is the night of decree in the religion of Islam. It is also known as the night of value. If you are the person who wants a new start of life, this is the night you should pray as this night has the significance of Allah Pak getting done with the matters of the universe. It is said that no matter how many sins you have committed in past, if you pray on this night, you are forgiven and all your sins will be wiped off. It is also said that if someone is forgiven on this night, he/she will be like a newborn baby with no sins.

With this night approaching soon, we have acknowledged the demand for Shab-e-Qadr Quotes, Images, Status, Wallpaper 2020 and that is what we are going to deliver in this article.

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Shab-e-Qadar Quotes

On this auspicious night, Muslims were given the gift of the Quran Pak. Quran Pak is the holy book of Muslims that was revealed on this night. On this night, people ask Almighty Allah for the forgiveness of their sins. Every person and Muslim must devote some time to praying on this night as this single night has the tendency to change your life. Other than that, you can also send the informative quotes that we have added to gain and earn some sawaab.


Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 2

Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 1 Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 3 Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 4 Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 6 Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 7 Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 8 Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 9 Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 10

Shab-e-Qadar Images

Shab-e-Qadar has the significance of securing and protecting someone from the hellfire by getting forgiven for their sins. This is the night when Allah picks his favorite person so, you must pray and pray hard for your forgiveness and earn the title of Allah’s favorite Muslim. We have added the Images that you can send to your loved ones, family, and friends which will help them know the importance of this night so they can earn some sawaab as well.


Shab-e-Qadar Quotes 10 Shab-e-Qadar Images 2 Shab-e-Qadar Images 3 Shab-e-Qadar Images 5 Shab-e-Qadar Images 6

Shab-e-Qadar Status

On this night, the Almighty Allah sends his angels on Earth so that they can pray for the Ummat of Muslims and help them find a place in heaven. On this night, Allah finalizes the matters of the universe and makes days and nights. This night you must pray for your forgiveness as it has immense significance. We have added status for Shab-e-Qadar that you can upload on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to spread awareness about this night as spreading knowledge is also a form of jihad


Shab-e-Qadar Status 4 Shab-e-Qadar Status 1 Shab-e-Qadar Status 2 Shab-e-Qadar Status 3

Shab-e-Qadar Wallpaper

This is the night of holiness. If you want to make your life peaceful this is the night to start with because if you pray on this night, you will be given a reward for 83 years of blessings and prayers. The only hack is to pray sincerely and ask for mercy from the only God; Allah Almighty.  We have added a lot of Wallpapers that you can use to celebrate this night of forgiveness and bounties.


We hope that this article helped you in every possible way. Have a good night and keep praying!