Sonos PlayBase: How these Speakers for TV are Unique in Market?

Sonos, the world famous producer high fidelity sound systems, is preparing to release a brand new speaker in the following months. This leaking new speaker seems to attract attention with its stylish design.

When we look at Soundbar’s design, it seems that the top is reserved for the installation of the television. Thus, it is said that a better sound experience will be obtained from TVs. However, it seems to be a remote possibility that this device only improves the sound of the TV when it is a matter of Sonos. Sonos, with its wireless-connected speakers, and music lovers with its advanced mobile application, is expected to offer similar features.

SonosPlayBase is only leaked in general terms of design, so we can not really say much about its technical features. The back of the device has an ethernet port and an optical port. There is only one key on the front speaker grill. The presence of only one key makes it possible to use the touch control interface somewhere in the speaker. But there is not any indication in the visuals that such control is taking place. SonosPlayBase is expected to be available in March after the B & H branded retail site posted its page first and then quickly removed. Sonos is expected to introduce the device in full details soon.


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Update; Playbase is officially announced by Sonos in the past days, it will have a price tag of 700 dollars and sit under your TV. We can easily say that it’s the flat version of Playbar.

You can read the full Playbase review here.

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